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The Unofficial Opie and Anthony Message Board - Wackbag.com ToS

Illegal Activities

Posts that violate or incite others to violate the law are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, asking for or providing, in any way, shape, or form:

  • Illegal copies of, or links to copyrighted software, music, or movies (ROMs, Warez, Torrents, etc.)
  • Methods of circumventing copyright protection (Cracks, No-CD Patches, CD Keys, mod chips)
  • Reprints of material from other web sites (pay or free)
  • Methods of cheating in online games

Member Bashing

We do not allow bashing of other members. This has always been our number one rule, and the thing that has made us so different from any other board, past or present. It is counter-productive, and accomplishes nothing. This is a ban-able offense, and not allowed.

Can you still give another member a hard time, or criticize his or her post? Yes, as long as it doesn't cross the line, and become a personal attack. The Mods will decide on a case to case basis, and either issue a warning, or take other action depending on the situation.

Posting Personal Information

While we encourage posts on just about any topic, and provide forums for just about any subject, we can not allow any member to post any personal information about other members, O&A and their staff, show guests, enemies of the show, WHOIS info or the board itself. This would include phone numbers, addresses, IM screen-names or any other information that might jeopardize someone’s privacy. This is not permitted, and the post will be edited.

Please remember, Just because the info may be freely available on the internet such as a phone number on a web page or a WHOIS lookup, It is not permitted to be posted. In cases where this info may be warranted,pPlease post the LINK to the page with the info. Do NOT copy and paste the Info on wackbag

Post Whoring

Post whoring is replying to posts with one word or a few words just to get your post count up, this is not permitted. If you do this on regular basis.. Your post count will be decreased substantially. Any "post whore" type posts will be deleted. Continued "post whoring" will get you banned.

Names of Threads

Thread Titles Must be descriptive of the content you will be posting in the thread, that means thread cannot be titled “what if” , “Look here”, Etc. Threads with names that are not descriptive will be renamed without notification.

"NSFW" pictures

"NSFW" content cannot be posted outside of designated forums.

O&A's Personal Info

Stuff that is and has been discussed on the show is fine to post. Rumors or insider info on O&A's personal off the air lifes is strictly forbidden, examples: Opie or Anthony's lovelife's (unless it was talked about on-air), their personal phone numbers, address etc.

When in doubt, Please PM or email one of the moderators first.

Content Notice

By viewing the site content, you agree that all content on the Wackbag.com Message Boards is the responsibility of the person from which the content originated. You agree that neither Wackbag.com nor its sponsors or affiliates are responsible for any content that you personally post or upload. Wackbag.com does not directly control any content posted on the boards, and does not guarantee the truthfulness or quality of any content.

Copyrighted mp3's, movies, software, serial numbers, or anything else that may be considered copyright infrigment Is strictly forbidden on the Wackbag.com forums. Anyone found posting links to any copyrighted material will be banned from this board immediately and your posts containing the forbidden links will be removed.

You agree that while using the Wackbag.com message boards, you may be exposed to content that is offensive or objectionable, and that you will in no way hold Wackbag.com nor its sponsors or affiliates liable in any way, shape, or form for any harm or loss that may come to you or others as a result of viewing this content. Wackbag.com is not responsible for screening content before it is posted.

Censored Words

There are a few words here that have been censored, they are censored for a reason. You could say fuck, cunt, shit etc all you want, that’s not what it’s about.

When you try to post a censored word it will appear in the post as: ****.

Trying to get aroud the censored word by adding spaces, slashes etc will get you banned.

Anything censored here is to keep the board out of trouble with the show, certain spam words or for other reasons the staff has chosen.

In a few cases, it is to to keep Google (and other search engines) from indexing these words that will come up in a search, and then get us filtered from even more corporate servers. That leaves certain people with no access to wackbag at work.

Please do not ask on the board why a certain word is censored, this may give troublemakers the idea of posting the subject matter that got the word censored in the first place. Send me or any of the Moderators a PM if you need to know and we will let you know why it is censored. DO NOT ask on the board.

I know rules suck, but because of our rules, we have been here over 10 years, making us the oldest and longest running O&A fan message board. We intend on being here forever!.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Signature Pictures

Signature Pictures can not be larger than 500 pixels by 150 pixels in size. What this means is, your sig pic can be 200x300, 300x200, or something along those lines. If your sig pic is 400x450, it's way too big. Additionally, multiple sig pics must also not exceed the total size listed above. For example, if you have 2 or more sig pics, the total size can not exceed 500px by 150px.

In addition, please limit the physical size of any picture / animated picture to no more than 350k.

If your sig pic is too big, please reduce it in size. A moderator may edit it out of your signature and remind you to reduce it we find one that is too large.


Contrary to what some other boards say about us, members do not get banned unless they break these rules repeatedly. On first offense, a mod may PM you with a warning and refer you to this FAQ. If you break the rules on purpose after being PMed and reading this FAQ you may be temp banned for a few days or permanently banned depending on the situation.

Please DO NOT harass the mods via AIM/gChat/Twitter/email/etc. If you get banned or temp-banned, It will serve no purpose nor change anything.

The staff reserves the right to ban without issuing a warning first. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis, and depends on surrounding circumstances.

In addition, any member or members found to be a general disruption to the rest of the community may be banned without warning or explanation.

Flooding, Invading, and Board Wars

Users will be immediately banned (along with any associated accounts) for:

Flooding a board with multiple disruptive topics or posts.

Invading another board (flooding a board as a group with multiple topics or posts).

Instigating, participating in, or retaliating in an invasion of the Wackbag.com message board or any other online service.

Announcing or inciting a "war" or any conflict with the regular members of another board.


Spam is considered any link that will work towards your personal benefit, monetary gain or an attempt to drive traffic to build up a message board or site.

This includes links in your signature and/or personal status. The thread, post, sig or status will be removed, and your account may be deleted if you persist.

Links to personal websites are allowed, however the moderators will check them out and make sure there ar no links for monetary gain or to send traffic to a slow or upstarting site.

If you want to advertise with us, please email: info [at] wackbag [dot] com

Posts that clearly advertise a service or product are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to:

Unsolicited commercial advertisments

For-Sale/For-Trade/For-Auction/Wanted notices

"Make Money Fast" scams, chain letters, and pyramid schemes

Advertising for another message board (even other O&A message boards)

We've spent many years building up this site, we have no intention of giving any site "instant traffic" , again, if you are interested in advertising with us, please email: info [at] wackbag [dot] com

Please note: We reserve the right to reject any advertisment for any reason.


Topics and message posts that violate the TOS will be deleted from the boards, and addtional penalties may be applied at the moderator's discretion. Re-posting deleted violations (yours or those of others) is also considered a violation.

Messages and topics may be removed at any time and for any reason at the sole discretion of Wackbag.com and its designated moderators. User accounts may be warned, suspended, or revoked at any time and for any reason at the sole discretion of Wackbag.com and its designated moderators.

All determinations of what is "acceptable" and "unacceptable" content will be determined solely by Wackbag.com and whoever it designates as moderators. You agree that the decision of the moderators and administrators is final, and you may not contest their rulings.

Intentional, repeated, or severe violations are cause for the banning of your account, Continued violations (under new screen names and/or proxy servers) after you have been banned may result in Wackbag.com contacting your ISP or other relevant parties concerning your activities.


Yes Opie & Anthony are considered “shock jocks”. That does not condone offensive behavior on your part. They are radio professionals, and know when to back off. If you’re behavior is deemed out of control, it will be dealt with swiftly.

That’s really it. We strive to provide a place for O&A fans to get together, and post their opinions, recollections, or anything else that comes to mind. We welcome all points of view, and always have from the beginning. We just ask that you follow these few simple rules. Thank you for registering here, and we hope you enjoy yourself!

** This FAQ is still being updated**

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