1. Radioguy

    Movie Alien, Blade Runner...Ridley, where's the LEGEND sequel?

    Seriously, this is surprising considering this one helped cement his reputation at the time. LEGEND was the last of the major non-CGI fantasy films. I think it had the most expensive sets and production up to that time. It shows in the film. The cinematography really captured the other-wordly...
  2. BIV

    Neill Blomkamp Would Have Made His 'Alien' Sequel Look Like This

    Neill Blomkamp Would Have Made His 'Alien' Sequel Look Like This January 5, 2015 / image, movie, neill blomkamp Though he already lived the universal dream of shaving Matt Damon's head, Elysium and District 9 director Neill Blomkamp apparently still has at least one other, still unfulfilled...
  3. LiddyRules

    Movie Who's Got Questions?!? Alien: Covenant - Prometheus 2 - MAY 19, 2017

    Now with the Green Lantern writer So Blade Runner 2 is a real thing. Sigh.
  4. Yesterdays Hero

    Alien 3: Unused Script

  5. MilkmanDan

    Alien creator Dan O'Bannon dead

    Writer for a bunch of movies, Including Alien (and its ensuing films), Total Recall, broke into the business with John Carpenter in 1974 on Carpenters first film. Director of Return of the Living Dead. Did some work on Star Wars. Pretty impressive IMDB resume.
  6. WhiskeyWhispers

    Ridley Scott Directed 'Alien' Prequel: Prometheus 6/8/12

    LINK: Only if Scott stays on as director do I even care about this, but it hasn't even been written yet, so..... we'll see.