1. LiddyRules

    Disney+: The Thread about Disney+

    We don't have a thread about Disney+. This is our thread about Disney+. This is something coming to Disney+. Not going to lie, the poster looks freaky as shit.
  2. Pigdango

    TV The Mandalorian: A Star Wars TV Series - Disney Streaming

    I don’t know. Maybe?
  3. TreeFortRichard

    DISNEY marvel star wars etc...Stock Now is the time to buy!

    I NEVER do this but wtf I will try to help a bagger out...Presently you can get the Jan 2019 DIS $105 calls for less than $600... These things will be trading around $1000+ in december when star wars is coming out. I own disney stock at a great +++ right now from some great buys and I am...