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  1. BIV

    Mad Max 5

    George Miller Says Furiosa Isn't in Mad Max Sequel Story 113 'The Wasteland' is just a working title. By Alex Osborn Charlize Theron's Imperator Furiosa may not appear in the followup to Mad Max: Fury Road, as director George Miller has confirmed the character isn't featured in his sequel...
  2. BIV

    Mad Max - Sep 1, 2015

    New Mad Max Gameplay Details Emerge Share. Welcome to The Big Nothing. By Jordan SiraniAvalanche Studios has unveiled a large amount of gameplay details for its upcoming open-world Mad Max game. As part of Game Informer's April cover story, Avalanche revealed Mad Max will have "soft" borders...
  3. Cunt Smasher

    Movie Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD 5.15.15

    Supposedly in production, with Charlize Theron, not sure on the male lead, no Mel. Not much news on this except is allegedly gonna get made.
  4. BIV

    Mad Max 4 I don't even know what to think.