1. Radioguy

    NETFLIX Marvel's Jessica Jones - Netflix, Season 3 (Final Season)

    Thread. Because Pig didn't do it yet... Anyhow, it's out, and already cancelled for your pleasure.
  2. Radioguy


    I just finished season two. It ended abruptly, I thought, but still great. It really puts Homeland (the US version, of course), to utter shame. It's probably the most accurate depiction of the fight against Islamic terrorism to date.
  3. J

    NETFLIX Longmire, final season now up

    Thread title says it all. Anyone likes Longmire, they've got the wrap-up season up now.
  4. BIV

    NETFLIX Netflix Intends to Stop Subscribers Using International Unblockers

    Netflix Intends to Stop Subscribers Using International Unblockers 231 Within the next few weeks. By Alex Osborn Netflix users will soon be unable to use proxies or unblockers to access content that's currently unavailable in their country. According to VP of content delivery architecture...
  5. BIV

    NETFLIX Netflix genre codes

    The Internet has recently re-discovered that Netflix has a series of special codes that are synced to super-specific entertainment categories in the streaming service's interface. Netflix is already pretty good at gauging what you might like, but if you share an account, the results aren't...
  6. ShooterMcGavin

    NETFLIX Limmy's Show! Now on Netflix

    Limmy falls into the same category as Tim and Eric. You either get it, or you really don't fucking get it. He's a strange Scot who got famous for his weird videos, now apparently has a show.
  7. Neon

    NETFLIX Netflix Voltron Reboot

    Voltron Reboot, New Animated Show From Del Toro Coming to Netflix Netflix and Dreamworks plan slate of new animated series. Pacific Rim director Guillermo Del Toro is to produce a new animated show for Netflix. It is to be part of a deal between the streaming giant and DreamWorks Animation...
  8. evan152

    Does anyone know how to get American Netflix on an IPad (in Canada) For Free

    I downloaded the Hola app but it's only got a 7 day trial and I don't feel like paying, is there anyway around it?
  9. J

    NETFLIX Daredevil

    So, anyone watching this? I'm checking out the first episode, and so far so good. Pretty decent fight scene to start it off (after an abbreviated origin story sequence) and a little Deborah Anne Woll side boob. Hoping we get some actual full frontal finally, for the True Blood fans who watched...
  10. BIV

    NETFLIX Netflix: Bloodline.

    Well, here's one more thing Netflix has been spending your subscription money on: giving Kyle Chandler another series to look concerned in. He stars alongside Ben Mendelsohn, Linda Cardellini, Sam Shepard, and Sissy Spacek in Bloodline, a new dramatic thriller from the creators of Damages. The...