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  1. LiddyRules

    Cineverse Caspian Endor: A Star Wars Story About Star Wars: Rogue One

    Rogue One, the Star Wars prequel that's still the worst, most cynical Star Wars movie by far, is getting its own Prequel Series on Disney+ The Streaming featuring everyone's favorite character: MAN! Will we see: Man, meet Mon Mothma? Man, meet Saul Gurerra? Man, meet The Rebel Leader From...
  2. Pigdango

    TV The Mandalorian: A Star Wars TV Series - Disney Streaming

    I don’t know. Maybe?
  3. LiddyRules

    Movie Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker - We're Sorry, We're So So Sorry - December 20, 2019, dir. JJ Abrams

    I realized we don't have a thread for Episode 9. Anyway, we were discussing this in the HitW thread, but probably better if we keep it in a thread that won't fall by the wayside in a month. Keri Russell of Felicity and The Americans is cast in Star Wars, Episode 9 in, you guessed it, some...
  4. Mags

    Star Wars Battlefront II

    So I love Battlefield 1 and most other Battlefield games and this is the same crew. Looks good. Has both multi and single player, land and space battles. I may get this if reviews are decent. Anyone else?
  5. LiddyRules

    These Are Not The Limited Edition Droid Replicas You're Looking For

    AP @BIV ?
  6. BIV

    Live action Star Wars streaming on Netflix

  7. ShooterMcGavin

    Star Wars: A Phantom Edit

    I guess Topher Grace's edit is unavailable to the public, but this guy's is apparently really good. All of the Star Wars shitty cunt prequels edited into a single, watchable film.
  8. BIV

    Cineverse Star Wars Universe news and rumors

    Taking the Pig's advice and making a new thread for generic Star Wars news and leaving the other thread for Force Awakens. Star Wars: Episode VIII to Film in Ireland This Month Share. Returning to Skellig Michael. By Jim Vejvoda Lucasfilm is heading back to the Emerald Isle for Star Wars...
  9. Bill Lehecka

    Movie Rogue One - Star Wars Saga: Directed by Gareth Edwards, Starring Felicity Jones - 12/16/2016
  10. BIV

    Star Wars novels

    This is a rehash of what I posted in the movie thread, but I figured we could use a thread to follow the literary end of this. wars A New Dawn This free eBook...
  11. BIV

    Star Wars: Rebels

    Views. Comment. Opinion. Star Wars Rebels explodes at San Diego Comic Con 2014 Monday 28 Jul 2014 3:02 pm Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Star Wars Rebels (Picture: YouTube) If there was a better place in the world for a geek to be last weekend (other than on the set of Episode VII) then it...