1. SOS

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: I will be back in next 'Terminator' film

  2. Pigdango

    Movie Terminator: Dark Fate will open on 11/1/19! With James Cameron and Tim Miller!

    https://deadline.com/2017/01/terminator-james-cameron-deadpool-tim-miller-david-ellison-skydance-1201890848/ Miller as director has me intrigued. We'll see if this ever really happens...
  3. SOS

    HitW Termy G - Monday 9:30 pm est

    The Hitw-ing of Termy G(Terminator:Genisys) will begin at Monday 9:30 pm est. @NeonTaster @Pigdango @LiddyRules @Neckbeard @Bill Lehecka
  4. Pigdango

    Movie Terminator: Genisys (5th) Arnold is Back? Oh GOOOOOOOOD for HIM! July 1, 2015

    http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/01/22/arnold-schwarzenegger-to-appear-in-terminator-5/ http://screenrant.com/arnold-schwarzenegger-terminator-5/
  5. BIV

    10 ways to save the Terminator franchise

    Way too long to post, but a great read. So here's the link. http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/784740/10_ways_to_save_the_terminator_franchise.html Also, someone mentioned this:
  6. TeenPinkSock

    Terminator - Sarah Connor Season 2 [FOX: Fridays]

    Season 2 starts tonight. All I can say is...Shirley Manson.
  7. SOS

    T4: Schwarzenegger may not be in it

    News Article How can it be Terminator 4 without Arnold? :( It would be like Speed 2:Cruise Control?