tom cruise

  1. BIV

    Movie MIssion Impossible 6

    Mission: Impossible 6 to Include Notable Character Returns and a Different Look at Ethan Hunt Filming to begin in April. By Alex Osborn Mission: Impossible 6 will feature a few familiar faces and a different look at Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt, according to the film's writer and director...
  2. Radioguy

    Movie Alien, Blade Runner...Ridley, where's the LEGEND sequel?

    Seriously, this is surprising considering this one helped cement his reputation at the time. LEGEND was the last of the major non-CGI fantasy films. I think it had the most expensive sets and production up to that time. It shows in the film. The cinematography really captured the other-wordly...
  3. Pigdango

    Movie Top Gun 2: Top Gunner, starring Tom Cruise! ‘Top Gun 2′ to Feature Maverick, Drone Warfare JUNE 26, 2015 | 05:10PM PT Marianne Zumberge News Editor, Do you feel the need? The need for a “Top Gun” sequel? Rumors of “Top Gun 2″ have...