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Discussion in 'Older Reviews' started by hairtussler, Mar 17, 2004.

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    Apr 23, 2003
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    DAVID BOWIE, Clapton

    Op starts off how long it took him to get into NY because of the pothole construction on the LIE Grand Central. Ant also chimes in as to why the construction takes so long and start busting on the city construction workers and how useless they are.

    Second Segment: More pothole talk and they take a call from a contract worker who tells them that the city workers suck and it should only take them 15 minutes to do a pothole of that size.

    Third Segment: Op talking about his walk into work, seeing the homeless people on the street including a lady who was sleeping on a stoop with no shoes or socks and a guy that was bathing himself in a drinking water fountain, and how all the tourists on the buses would come out and drink from it. Op then talks about his lunch with joe from comedy central and they had a window seat and that an old lady in a wheelchair went by and he said all he saw was a head and legs. He called old people like that life hogs, and Ant broke into his BILL imp and the little rascal.

    Fourth Segment: They go on to talk about old people and how useless they are and then take a lady caller who is pissed at Opies lifehog comment, LINE 4, Ant picks up and says hold please and then pretends to be management listening to her problem as he starts to bust her balls a bit. He then gets Op in on the gag and repremands him while she is still on the phone and says if she wants to she can come down and beat them with toy car tracks.

    Fifth Segment: Boys take a caller for ants comments about the pothole comments, the caller John the city worker who turns out not to be a city worker but busts balls with the boys and pretends hes a lazy useless worker.

    Sixth Segment: Back to lifehog stuff and ant does another imp of Bill and the lil rascal. The boys take a caller defending them and their view on old people.

    Seventh Segment: Op starts talkin about easy pass toll booths and how people screw up and get in wrong lanes. Ant goes on about not letting people in line and pretending not to see them.

    Eighth Segment: Back to easy pass talk a bit and then Op brings up Louis Anderson on Leno last night. Ant does his Louis imp about his school childhood and being fat. Tragedy to Comedy, and then talk about how he got a cartoon Life with Louis.

    Eighth Segment: The boys talk about how u can send email directly to them and instant messaging. Op gets into baby pics and talking about their old school pictures and that if you get arrested they always get your high school pic on the news. Ant talks about how his mom dressed him in velour suits.

    Ninth Segment: Talking about jimi hendrix and eddie halen and who invented the double tap of the guitar.

    Tenth Segment: Brother Joe phones in and tells them both it was a jazz guy from the twenties that started it jangles reinhart. Op starts in on an article that he read about squids and how they have sex and defend themselves.

    Eleventh Segment: Matt davote sp in studio talking about how he was going to buy a car and the problems he was having with his wife with this situation. He breaks down cars into categories and they compare them to buying greeting cards.
    End of show

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