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Discussion in 'Older Reviews' started by Stinkysteve, Jan 11, 2004.

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    Aug 26, 2002
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    A grumbling opening... The worst burger in New York and you will pay a premium for it, seventeen dollars each. The Oyster Bar at 54th Street and 7th Avenue. Even Danny Bonnadouche came in and walked right out. Opie is going to send them his dental bill for chipping a tooth. Stephanie from Appetite Delight Deli sent in a fax how they keep the show on because the customers enjoy listening to the show.

    Still complaining about the Worst burgers in New York. Anthony testifies that it was the Worst lunch he ever had. The seating problems in New York restaurants. Wayne writes in, “Hey Opie, instead of eating mouth watering delicious burgers at The Oyster Bar, you could go pumpkin picking again. Every time I pass that place, there is never anyone inside. How do they stay in business?” Speculation on how this restaurant might actually stay in business... You have to go inside and order the “Calamari, (wink, wink)...”
    An e-mail about The Today Show and the challenge, the fake penis on the Today Show with Al Roker.

    Coming out of a U2 song... Scott Muni having a problem with a woman, (The Farting Mom), farting in one of the chairs. Scottso wants the chair quarantined. Some baseball talk, Yankees at Texas, (Rangers). Wondering if they should play, Piss Off a Texan today.

    A woman on the phone looking for information on a J.J.Skinner CD. Anthony, (in his professional voice), and Opie try to help her out by mentioning some of his other hits too. Also helping her as where to find the CD in the music store.

    More about Al Roker getting suckered in on the Today Show. A detailed explanation of what happened. The audio clip of the incident on the radio.

    Opie thinks they are getting in trouble. More about their crappy lunch, and the two crowded places they tried to go to before. Opie complaining about the burger and the appearance of it. Anthony says that he has left things that looked just like that in the bowl. Opie said “...the Rangers could have used this as one of their practice pucks.” Anthony told the waitress, “This is not what I’m used to, this is different from what my normal daily experience is... Be like everything else in my life.” Anthony continues to explain what he expected of a cheeseburger, “I want a cheeseburger, I want it flat, I want it round. I want, oh, silly me, I want cheese on it. There was no cheese! And then we have ketchup on it and stuff because we just wrote it off. It took us thirty minutes just to get the burger so we figured we’ll just write off the cheese, whatever... Anthony rated the burgers as 2 fingers, down the throat.

    Still complaining about the turd burgers they had for lunch, and how you would need a mouth like Monica Lewensky to get one of these in your mouth. The owner, (Angela), of the Oyster Bar on the phone arguing the point that the restaurant has been there for forty years, that they paid six ninety five for the burgers. She finishes with threatening them with her lawyer.

    Complimenting new listeners. Kathy’s comment on how she became a new listener when she rented a car after her accident. The radio in the rental was tuned into WNEW. So she can be happy about the jackass in the white van who ran her off the road and didn’t stop. I told a lot of people about your show, and my husband finally heard you yesterday and couldn’t stop laughing, they both loved the Road Rage... Opie comments that the Boss didn’t like the Road Rage Bit. ...”actually all the bits he doesn’t like the listeners like. I’m getting confused here...” Opie finds it amazing that she only found them because she got a rental car That was tuned in to NEW?” “....At that rate you’re going to have Wappy and Slappy doing afternoons...” Listener comments, a new listener and the truck driver who critiques Anthony’s habits and why Anthony has to get his testosterone checked. Why Anthony used to do the vacuuming in Boston. Opie’s vacuuming trauma explained. Other phobias that Opie has... Germs... Opie wants an Outbreak suit. Opie says he’s ready for the battle with Anthony. Anthony tells him not to bother because now we have relatives in this neck of the woods
    A little sports talk on baseball and a teaser for Piss Off A Texan.

    About the announcement of Daryl Strawberry’s colin cancer. Lorna, (from New Jersey), tunes out every time Opie says, “Me and Anthony”. Proper use of the English language... Piss off a Texan! Phone call cut off abruptly...

    The show resumes in the middle of another call with someone who sounds just a little bit gay, (Randy). Anthony admits to being a big homo...

    Some birthday announcements, Mark McGuire, Walter Matthau and with the arrival of his last liver spot, he’s now considered African American. A caller commenting on the Today Show incident and how she thought the boys started a new contest. A recap on The Today Show incident. Closing comments on that show.
    The growing listener base, and closing comments.

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