10/26/07 - Opie & Anthony Listening Thread - T-G-I-Muthafuckin'-F.


I am fucking pointless.
They've got that Boston Halloween party. I don't know exactly what they're doing.


Spreading the Virus on NJ GSP 91 to 148
Morning deviants.


I am fucking pointless.
I've been sipping on whiskey and listening to Bob Dylan.


the medication doesn't work....
Hope there's no spaghetti plate dripping down the wall today. Ant was sooo quiet during Papa Ope's tirade yesterday. :icon_cry:


not hump...THUMP!
I wonder if they are going to try to use some of the balloon/bubblegum/chicken/crab clips on the FM side today. There was too many bleeps as it was, so I kind of doubt it.


Opie And Anthony Always Win In The End
LIVE IN BOSTON,,,does that answer your question:action-sm


Opie And Anthony Always Win In The End
goodbye to other "jocks" in Boston, THEY ARE GOING TO SLAM them today!!!!!

"what's your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?"
Missed yesterday's show: dare I ask what the fuck happened?
opie ripping bob eatman for representing their replacement in philly and negotiating his contract.

they did do a new maury povich bit though that was classic