10-year-old boy beats mom's abusive boyfriend with shovel


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10-year-old boy grabs shovel, defends mother, Pasco deputies say

HOLIDAY -- A 10-year-old Pasco County boy came to his mother's rescue Sunday.
According to Bay News 9's partner newspaper the St. Petersburg Times, the boy told deputies Dennis Sullivan was beating his mother at a home on Mosaic Drive in Holiday.
The boy ran across the street to where his grandfather lived and grabbed a shovel.
He ran back to the home, hit Sullivan in the side of the face with the shovel then took off running, authorities said.
Deputies arrived a short time later and arrested Sullivan, 46, on charges of domestic battery and battery on a law enforcement officer after he became combative.


Apology Ostrich
I did that once to an intruder. I used one of my small plastic shovels from my sandcastle kit, took me damn near three days to beat him to death.