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Skins over Seattle
Pack over Vikings
Ravens over Colts
Texans over Bengals

Should be a great weekend with at least 3 close games

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You could put anyone of those teams in the win column, and I don't think I could argue it.


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I don't see the Bengals doing much. I know the Texans are struggling, but I don't see it with big red.


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Seattle is going to dismantle Washington
The pack will make the Vikings their bitch
The Colts are lucky to be there...but not as much as the Ravens. Colts win that one.
The Texans will crush the Bengals. Okay, maybe not crush. But by two scores...call it ten points.
The Bengals won by one touchdown over the Ravens second and third stringers. They'll still beat Houston.


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The pack will make the Vikings their bitch
Like they did in their 9 point win and 3 point loss this season? Packers already favored 9.5 points against a team they just lost to.

Vikings almost always play this team close and the all-time franchise record is split.

The last time the Vikings were a 9 point playoff underdog in Lambeau the only team that got bitched out was the Pack, 34-17.

Vikings in the upset special. Legitimately, this isn't me being a homer. I take the favorite to win everything else.

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I'm also with the Vikings upset.

Texans by a hair
Redskins, RGIII is too damn hot
Colts upset because cancer always wins
Ravens-It will be close. But I think the Colts are do for a physical and emotional letdown after the ride they have been on for the past couple of weeks.

Since I'm a Redskins fan, I'm not going to make a pick in that one. But I think its going to be a hell of a game.
Seattle dismantled 2 shitty teams, and one good team in the 49ers.
But watching them this weekend against the Rams, "Meh…"

Washington wins in the battle of black QBs who run around.

Peterson can rush for 200+ like he does against GB, but there's no way Ponder plays as well has he did this weekend against them again.
Packers win

Texans win.

And the Ravens win a borefest, something like 16-10

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Ray Lewis announced he is retiring at the end of the season

I honestly could see the Bengals beating the Texans but I can't root against my team.
Reid is close to signing with the Chiefs?

I wonder why KC over Ari


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Reid is close to signing with the Chiefs?

I wonder why KC over Ari

AFC West vs NFC West. The three other NFC West teams are very young, loaded with talent, and have top tier coaches. There's nowhere to go in that division for the next 5 years. I think the Cardinals job is the least attractive head coaching job in the league right now. Outside of Peyton Manning, there is virtually no talent in the AFC West, there are no top tier coaches, and the three other teams are very old. (Chargers have the oldest team in the NFL.) The "window" to compete will be much sooner and much longer in that division.

In my personal opinion, here's how I'd rank the head coaching gigs:

1) Chiefs
2) Eagles
3) Bears
4) Browns
5) Bills
6) Chargers
7) Cardinals

The Chargers could be a decent job, but I think the expectation is that they will win NOW, and what really needs to happen is a complete roster dump like what Pete Carroll did in Seattle. So the unreasonable expectation drops them down. You could say the same about the Bears, but I think the "win now" expectation is a bit more reasonable.


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All Arizona is missing is a QB because the one they signed came from...Andy Reid. Arizona's defense is really good and they also have the best WR in the game. They're close to being good, but suddenly they're in one of the toughest divisions in the game. Just two years ago Seattle won the NFC West at 7-9 I believe.

KC is a total rebuild job but after rebuilding for two years, Manning will be 38 and KC can run the division for a while. Plus he'll probably get the leash to suck for a year or two because of how bad they are right now...plus Pioli knows he won't be able to survive another coaching change.