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Holy S. This movie fucking rocked!! It is the first movie in a long time, that I rented and was more than satisfied with every aspect of it. The plot, the ending, everything involved was great. I was on the edge of my seat the whole movie. There was not a dull moment. You were either laughing or saying "Cool man" to yourself. :D

This was the best movie I have rented in the last 2 years. Awesome, get your hands on it.
well I saw 3000 miles to graceland and the family man last night, graceland sucked I turned it off in the middle of it.... The family man was a great movie I think I'll get 15 minutes tonight.


I speak the human language
3,000 miles blew. Family man is a great movie. I love those role reversal movies. :D

As for 15 minutes rent it, it is awesome. Also while your there rent "Momento" I heard it is awesome.


15 minutes was good,not great.i was kinda disappointed when i saw it.
if you want to see a good movie,rent The Pledge with jack nickelson(i can't spell for shie).it wasn't that big of a movie in the theaters,i don't even remember it in the theaters,but i thought it was good friggin movie.


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lol I just posted this to make my 1000 post lol
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Hey DH, is that a stone in my direction? ;) Who talked you into this, Max? Come on man, admit it before I start torturing you and you'll start singing "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire" :D

P.S. It's spelled "Fairlane" :p