1500 prisoners practicing Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'


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Holy crap this is classic. This apparently went down at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Phillippines.

edit: They also do Sister Act:



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1500 prisoners practicing Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'
Why? Shouldn't they be making license plates or something?
Gotta suck to be the guy picked to play the girlfriend

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1500 idiots can figure this out but A) they cant figure out how to escape B) how not to get arrested and live a normal life, ok fine


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oh hell no! I would have to request being put in solitary confinement before I would ever do that.............


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Ah, he messed up the Michael Jackson patented leg wiggle move. This guy's a hack.


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I bet that tranny gets pounded in there.


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Those wacky Flips!

I'd love to see them try that on Rikers Island.


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I finally saw this for the first time tonight - they also do "Radio Ga Ga" by Queen.