2 jailed in vehicle theft; gator foot found in car


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Nov 23, 2005
FORT PIERCE — The arrest of two men accused of stealing a car took a bizarre turn when a deputy found an alligator foot in the vehicle, a report said.

Around 10:20 p.m. Thursday, minutes after St. Lucie County dispatchers radioed for deputies to be on the lookout for a gold Chevrolet Impala, a deputy spotted the car and pulled over the two men.
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The deputy began to arrest the driver, 21-year-old Jerrod Griffin of 1607 Parkland Court in Fort Pierce, and passenger Daniel Collins, 24, of Tampa on grand theft charges, the report said.

The men tried to explain the stolen car. Collins told the deputy he thought the car belonged to Griffin. Griffin said he borrowed the car and meant to let the owner know before he fell asleep.

But neither could explain the dried alligator foot the deputy found inside the Impala, according to the report.

A wildlife officer called to the scene confirmed the foot had come from an alligator that was illegally trapped, the report said. Investigators impounded the gator foot in evidence storage at the Fort Pierce Police Department.

In addition to the grand theft charge, Collins will face a misdemeanor charge for possession and transportation of an alligator skin.

Both men were taken to the St. Lucie County Jail. Griffin was being held Friday in lieu of $10,000 bail for a grand theft charge. Collins was held in lieu of $5,500 bail - $5,000 for grand theft and $500, for the alligator foot.


LoseTheRadio.net's Ma
Nov 17, 2006
You'd think the white guy would have been smarter.



LoseTheRadio.net's Ma
Nov 17, 2006
no, 'cause he got into a car with a black guy. Everyone knows they don't own cars..they "borrow" them. ;)