2 Jersey Lawyers seek $184,000,000.00 for Jets ticketholders ,over Patriots cheating


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Two New Jersey lawyers believe cheaters shouldn't prosper, especially in the NFL.

Attorneys Carl Mayer and Bruce Afran are seeking $184 million in a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Jets' ticketholders who they claim were cheated out of the price of admission whenever the Jets played the New England Patriots at Giants Stadium over the past eight seasons.

In a lawsuit filed today in U.S. District Court in Newark, Mayer and Afran claim the ticketholders were defrauded by the Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick, who earlier this month were hit by the NFL with hefty fines of $250,000 and $500,000 and the loss of a draft pick after being caught stealing Jets' defensive signals by videotaping coaches on the sideline during their Sept. 9 game, a 38-14 Jet loss.

The lawsuit seeks reimbursement of Jets' ticketholder costs for all games between the two teams since Belichick became head coach in 2000, a total it set at $61.6 million, or $7.7 million a game. Tripling the amount under New Jersey consumer law, the lawsuit is seeking $184.8 million on behalf of the ticketholders.

"Coach Belichick attempted to steal a game and it's our view he has to pay," Afran said. "He and the organization tried to undermine the integrity of the game."

He said they are seeking damages for all games since 2000 because the Patriots also were caught videotaping the opponents' sideline in a game against the Green Bay Packers last November.

"It would be incredible that the only two times they did it they got caught," he said. "Logic tells us this has been going on all along."

Afran said it also doesn't matter that Jets coach Eric Mangini is a former assistant under Belichick who could have known of any earlier violations.

"If he was involved, he was involved," Afran said. "Our point is fraud in professional sports is wrong no matter who is doing it

I hope these two idiots have to pay court costs when this gets thrown out.
tort reform? wha? What a couple of piece of shit lawyers...Hey how about we all sue everyone for everything...
Is anyone suing the yankees for Giambi being on Steroids?
They really should change the law so that you have to pay 3x court costs in the frivilous lawsuits
This is why lawyers should be punched with table saws. What fucking douchebags!


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As a jets season ticket holder I could care less about the pats cheating. The jets won some of those games too.

But I'll take the money

I think this is an advertising ploy by these two shmucks


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Yea, sooooo the yanks should pay all sox fans for all games Giambi played in and beat us right? Also every othe rteam too? and forfiet all thos egame too right? Gimme a break. Where is the line? At what point does common sense kick in?


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That's the problem with allowing class action lawsuits. The people
that they are suing for don't really get shit but the lawyers make
big bucks. This is just another frivolous, bullshit lawsuit.


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This ranks up there with those stupid pants. It might even be worse.