20/20 6-15-07


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Luck: Its More Than A Chance
Sounds like unlucky lottery to me.
After the game, i fliped to 20/20 and saw a story about a High School girl who was shot by her boyfriend who then killed himself in front of the school. The girl had broken her colarbone when she was younger and had a titanium plate put in which the bullet hit, and saved her life. But wait folks thats not the lucky part she is pregnant. cue Dinero laugh
Just a perfect example of what OA were saying a couple weeks ago about "lucky" welfare mother of her 3rd set of twins who is "just trying to maintain" and it was a joy to burden anthonys taxes


The 9/11 Moon Landings Were An Outside Job
I don't see how the two situations are similar


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The way the news made an entertaining tragety and turned it in to news with a positive spin. ala Louie Anderson Tragedy to Comedy.
It shoud be looked down upon in society to be on welfare and dependent upon the state to take care of your kids & to be a pregnant HS student.
The news a bunch of time filling vultures latch on at any peice of information- snd deem it news worthy and be so dishonest with what the truth of the story is.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
not too mention that she has chosen to put herself in a situation with some one that would shoot her. story's like that piss me off to know end