2007 NBA Draft--Pimps Up, Hos Down


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I barely watch basketball but I just love the draft. It's like a Springer episode with a better wardrobe. Players in pimp suits, wailing mommas. I just hope ESPN does a decent job. Didn't they used to have it on TNT?
All I know is looking at the ugly fuck Noah makes me physically ill.
He's sooo overrated.
He's "High energy" and "His motor never stops running" and any other cliche for He's not great, but he really really tries...
Plus he was wearing that mongoloid bow-tie and the frizzy half afro half bad hair.
I hate him. Take some of your draft money and visit a dentist too.

I also don't get why ESPN and Spike were cumming in their pants over the Portland trade. Wow, you got another controversial player in Randolph. Don't they already have Curry basically doing the same thing in the post? I guess everyone was so happy becuase they dumped Stevie-Franchise?


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This sucked without Charles Barkley. I hate that fucking Stephen Smith and his shouting like he's deaf.
I don't know about the Ray Allen trade.
I don't know how much it helps Boston.
Wally's World is worthless, always hurt he's just in it for the money.
West isn't bad and Greene could be good.

Allen just seems old and washed up, I guess Pierce will be pleased though with a good vet on the team. They'll still stink.


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The Celtics got Ray Allen! They also got Antoine Walker at #6! Boston will be tight in 1997!
I take back my washed up comment, Allen will still get his 22-24 a game I guess.
I just don't think it puts Boston that more ahead than if they have West and Green

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Ainge had to get that deal done especially if the Paul Pierce rumors about him being disgusted at no other big name players coming were true and then Kevin Garnett spurned them. I'm glad Garnett didn't get to go to Phoenix, I've never like him, another fucking ME ME ME whiney little bitch. Him and Kobe would make a good pair of whiners out in LA.

TNT did a better job with the Drafts their personalities have good chemistry up there because they don't let it get boring, you got Barkley tooling on Kenny Smith or Ernie, this ESPN group was just flat and boring.
Allen hasn't hit gimp stage yet.

So glad I was never a knicks fan, yet another trade that will lead to jack shit. Randolph is an ass. But at least they got a high draft pick.... oh wait.


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Congrats, Boston, with the 5th overall pick you drafted Ray Allen... awesome.

And yet the Knicks still manage to do dumber things... unbelievable.

Just glad my boy Jeff Green gets his paycheck for being drafted 5th overall.