2007 Thanksgiving Parade Viewing Thread


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Watching it on Cbs right now!
Neil Patrick Harris is really GHEY and annoying!


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it is not on here yet on NBC


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The CBS Commentator ugh!!!!!!! I remember him from the news,,and HATED HIM! he is annoying as hell!
wow 60 degrees?...it is -8 here gonna hit a blistering 19 today!


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56 and breezy here in Philly.
Great day for the Boscov's parade.
I should have gone but I got shit to do around the house.


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Who are these douche bags...really ROCKIN' in a pea coat...ugh


it's a funny name
no it is gonna be a balloon!

i heard it was a float of hitler floating in a sensory deprivation tank with people dressed as ss guards dosing everyone along the parade route w/dmt...

sorry, wake n bake does it to me everytime


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I just saw the Xanadu thing..cheesy indeed but I'd bang Kira in a second!

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Haven't watched the parade in years... Has their alway been this much broadway and singing bullshit? I fucking hate lip syncing.

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Best thanksgiving ever. My uncle was just telling me, and the rest of the family how there was supposed to be a Hitler Balloon in the parade today.

I openly laughed in his face.

Here's the ultimate kicker. He's the guy who originally got me into O+A back in the WNEW days.


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I never wished every balloon was the flaming hindenberg wreck, more in my life


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I have never been to it...question..do you have to pay to sit in the stands or is it first come first serve seating????


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
my kid was watching it, my wife turned it off. i laughed because i hate it so much, today is a dirty jobs marathon so thats what im watching today


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shit...they still have up with people????
Who the Fuck is Ne-YO? unorigional ftard!
thanksgiving parade

I just started watching the macy's thanksgiving parade and bob sagat was on doing comments on the parade route. He was an edited pretaped piece. I would like to see the unedited version of that.

The rubes.

No wonder the terrorists strike new york. They just want the parade to stop.

The nbc schilling is horrible. my fav is the Jane Krakowski from 30 rock advertising for 30 rock, and it's not filming any more because of the WGA strike. But of course no mention of it, everythings fine. Same thing with the cast of Heroes. Horrible.

I wish a slow death on all especially the cast of xanadu. Wretched just wretched.