2008 Jets offseason thread:

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Today they:

1) Traded Vilma to the Saints for a 2009 fourth round pick.

2) Obtained three time Pro Bowl DT Kris Jenkins for a 3rd. and 5th. rounder this year.

3) Signed seven time Pro Bowl G Alan Faneca to a 4 year deal worth 32 million

Busy day.

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Interesting moves to say the least. I really hadn't been keeping up with the Offseason like I usually do and any improvements to that attrocious OL is a good deal. I hope they do some right in the draft, usually the Jets never do because they're the Jets, but we'll see.

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Yeah, Calvin Pace and Damien Woody too. At least we can't call them the 'same old Jets'. Now, what do we do at QB?


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Now, what do we do at QB?
Handoff to Thomas Jones.

The Jets should have a top flight O-Line again next year. Ferguson, Faneca,Mangold,Woody and whoever your RT is should be pretty good.

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Kellen Clemens is an improvement over Pennington who I think seen his finest moment in 2002 but I don't know yet if he can be a top flight QB. I guess we have to either see in time with him taking the snaps or get lucky and find a sleeper QB in a late round someday.


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The New York Jets have received permission to talk to retired Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre, a source told ESPN's Chris Mortensen on Friday.

Also Friday, a Packers source told Mortensen that Favre informed Packers general manager Ted Thompson by phone on Thursday that he was planning to report to the team's training camp this weekend.

The Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have expressed interest in Favre, according to a Packers source.

Favre, who retired in April, hasn't made a decision on whether to send in his reinstatement letter but would need to do so in order to report to camp.

Favre has asked to be released from his contract and is aware of the Jets' and Bucs' interest, the source said. The Packers have no intention of releasing Favre from his contract, which expires after the 2010 season.

At training camp on Friday, Jets coach Eric Mangini did not deny that the Jets have been given permission to talk to Favre.

"With all discussions, those things are internal and that really hasn't changed," Mangini said, adding that he and Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum talk every night about "a lot of different things" but always keep them internal.

Mangini reiterated that he was happy with the team's top quarterbacks, Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens.

"I feel the same way as I felt yesterday and nothing's changed," Mangini said. "With any conversations me and Mike have, Mike likes to talk about a lot of different scenarios and he enjoys a good chart, he enjoys a good graph and he enjoys a lot of scenarios. That's what he does, and that's what he's supposed to do.

"So, just normal discussions that we always have."

The Packers made phone calls Tuesday to several teams after being encouraged by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to resolve the controversy surrounding Favre before camp opens, according to league and players' union sources.

On Wednesday, NFL officials said privately that Favre and the Packers have been talking about which teams he'd be willing to go to in a potential trade, according to ESPN's Sal Paolantonio.

It was the clearest signal yet that the Packers will deal Favre to resolve the current stalemate. Green Bay, which has committed to Aaron Rodgers as its quarterback of the future, wants to keep Favre away from its NFC North rivals -- especially the Minnesota Vikings.

Goodell has been briefed by Thompson on the status of the team's approach with Favre. Goodell has encouraged the Packers to accelerate that process by surveying teams around the league to determine if there is a trade partner, sources said.

Goodell also has spoken with Favre, the sources said, telling the veteran passer that he was willing to assist in the process, if necessary.

Several teams in the AFC and NFC confirmed they have been contacted by the Packers.

On Thursday, at the Packers' annual shareholders meeting, team president and CEO Mark Murphy hinted at the possibility of Favre playing for another team by conjuring the image of Joe Montana in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform.

"We want to have positive feelings about Brett and the Packers, and we want him to continue to be a part of the Packer family," Murphy said. "I think the way this is handled will be important in terms of how that plays out in the future. But I'm also cognizant of some of the things that have happened in the past with Joe Montana ending his career with the Chiefs, now you look back on it, most people might not remember that he played with the Chiefs. They remember he was a 49er."

Meanwhile, on the heels of a report that said Favre had used a team-issued phone to contact the Vikings, the player's agent confirmed a subsequent Green Bay Post-Gazette report that said the story was unfounded.

"I promise you the Green Bay Packers have never provided or paid for a cell phone for Brett Favre. That is completely erroneous," James "Bus" Cook told ESPN's Mortensen.
As much as I would like to see Favre in a Jets jersey, i thnk it would be a bad move for them. Any deal will probably involve draft picks and with this probably being only a one year thing, its not worth giving that up. If Favre plays, Pennington and Clemens sit. I dont see them as being the solution either but if they sit all season and Favre actually retires next year, then you have a hole again at QB, two guys who didnt play for a whole season and you lost the draft picks you could have used to maybe fill that spot.
I dont care who they have behind center, this team is winning shit without a proven offensive weapon.

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Yeah, they have improved, but it takes time to "gel". If it was next year, I think bringing in Favre may make more sense.


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"Postcard from Camp"

The QB Situation — Kellen Clemens and Chad are definitely competing, and although neither was completing a lot of passes due to the wet conditions and some early rustiness. Most of the beat reporters liked what they saw from Chad, but we agree that we thought he missed some outs long or out of bounds. Clemens threw a pick right to Eric Barton. There were a number of deep passes by both, but there were very few connections on deep balls. During the Barton INT a lot of fans groaned audibly. Ainge is tall … really tall and you could tell he’s still working back from his finger surgery. He and Keller seem tight already.

Jenkins the Beast - Mangold got worked by Jenkins early. Jenk is probably close to 360 and he was beating everyone 1 on 1, embarrassing some of the guys he went up against, especially the backups. Jenkins is very quiet and well-spoken, later saying that he “caught him by surprise, but he came back well.” Mangold is going to have some long practices this year and a personal tutor to help him get better, play by play.

Woodhead Works Hard — Danny Woodhead is probably the shortest guy out there, but he works really hard, and is trying to prove he belongs. Danny ran about 2-3 penalties laps, and when I did get to talk to Dannyt, he appreciated knowing that many fans are pulling for him. For him to stay with this team, he’s going to have to contribute on special teams, and he was having a tough time while “gunning” on special teams. That said, he did see a lot of 3rd team reps so I have to wonder if the team is trying to see how he can do, and might be giving him every chance to really analyze him.

Brown U Track Star Burns– Paul Raymond, Brown WR and former collegiate had a nice go-ahead route. It was a 15 yard out from Ratliffe and he burned down the field. Raymond might have a tough time getting on this roster, but look out for him as a taxi squadder.

Caulcrick is a Monster!! — FB Jehuu Caulcrick saw some carries, and the kid is, for lack of a better word a piledriver. I really like what I saw from him, and he’s big and has good balls skills. He’s reminiscent of a Brandon Jacobs, but let’s not gush too too much yet.

Bubba Franks and Tony Richardson — Bubba Franks was actively involved in blocking and

Mangini was Right — Mangini has gushed about Pace’s size and fluidity, and having stood next to him, he’s a big dude. He’s definitely pretty smooth for his size and I’m looking forward to seeing him a lot more this year.

Net Gain — This team is much bigger than last year’s version … MUCH BIGGER. Jenkins is so much bigger than Robertson, Pace is so much bigger than Hobson, Faneca is thicker than Kendall.

Missed Chatman — I didn’t notice RB Jesse Chatman out there … stay tuned.

Looking Good Rev!! — Revis looked really good, he was sticking to his targets tightly, which I think contributed to Cotchert having a quiet practice. Miller was working with the first unit again.

Nuuuuge!! — Nugent went 4 for 4, and made a 50 yarder on the narrow posts with a crosswind. He looked good, but we’ll see how that goes in live fire drills. Nugent had a solid season last year, but needs to work on those longer kicks, which he was doing well today.

Pictures : http://www.thejetsblog.com/?p=4665

I love this one of Pennington practicing accuracy...... From what looks like 10 yards away!

Im kind of happy Mangini shrugged off the Farve rumors. True i dont think we have a capable QB at the moment. But im willing to give Clemens this year. If it doesnt work out then............ ERIC AINGE!


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Offtopic : New England signed Lamont Jordan............


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Day 6: Morning Practice

Since many of you asked about, and opined, about this – along with my choice of vocabulary – coach Eric Mangini opened his press conference this morning by explaining his thinking of giving players yesterday off.

“In researching the patterns of training camp and researching the trends over the years, what we’ve seen is there’s a dramatic spike of injuries early on in camp and that makes a lot of sense because guys will go from the offseason program to a break and then they come back and they jump right back in to very heavy, high intensity exercise and all the contact,” Mangini said. “So you go right from the break, to the conditioning run to a one-a-day, two-a-day and between fatigue and all the elements that go into it, you have a lot of injuries early in camp. We looked at the different things related to recovery and we planned the day out accordingly.”

Also, Mangini disclosed that backup punter Joe Smith had been waived and Danny Woodhead, who injured his knee last week, had cleared waivers so he has been placed on the Jets injured reserved list. Additionally, the Jets signed WR Rudy Burgess and LB Jerry Mackey, a Syracuse and before that, Freeport High School, graduate.

And for those of you who recalled – and hopefully only a very few of you know this – Smith, that backup punter, was wearing No. 4 during camp. Yes, some witling in the press – it might have been me but I’ll have to check the transcript to be sure – asked Mangini if the roster move had been made to free up Favre’s number.

Um, no.

As for this morning’s 1 hour 50 minute practice, it was a lot of special teams and specialty situation work so there isn’t as much detail to share in the way of in-depth 11-on-11s or even 7-on-7s. But there were a few things from the morning, a lot of which was spent in goal line situations:

*Sixth-round pick Marcus Henry made the best catch he’s made all camp, catching a bullet thrown from the 10 by Kellen Clemens in the back of the end zone with Drew Coleman hanging on him. Henry went high in the air and got his feet in bounds, despite Coleman drawing a flag for interference. Maybe the best catch of the morning. Coleman earned a lap for the penalty.

* Laveranues Coles made great grab in the end zone on a 15-yarder thrown by Pennington during an early goal line shell drill, but it was negated because he had been forced out of the back of the end zone first by Justin Miller, making the catch an illegal touch. Still, good hands by Coles, who during a later 11-on-11 caught a short dump off over the middle for a touchdown by Pennington.

* Again, not a ton to report in terms of throwing the ball because they were working a lot on screens and runs rather than downfield throws. Besides Clemens’ throw to Henry, he also connected with Brad Smith from the 10 on a nice slant play that resulted in 6. A lot of carries from Thomas Jones and Leon Washington and they both saw their share of screens as well.

* Kris Jenkins made a highlight play on the goal line, shedding two blockers at the 2-yard line and just stuffing T. Jones cold on an off-tackle. Jenkins clearly – CLEARLY –is an upgrade over who was in the middle last season and you can see the effects on Ellis and Coleman. I might have neglected to mention it in Sunday’s report because of the focus on Gholston, but after the team moved indoors to the bubble, Ellis had a couple of plays in which he was in the backfield bothering the quarterback.

* Dwight Lowery had outstanding coverage on Brad Smith on a goal line fade thrown by Clemens into the right corner. A series later Darrelle Revis deflected a Pennington pass intended for Bubba Franks in the back of the end zone. I’m already on record as predicting Revis as Pro Bowler this season and have seen nothing this camp dissuade me from that opinion.

* And this was nice to see: a group of 20 kids, ages 8-13, from the St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf in the Bronx attended this morning’s practice. David Harris and David Bowens posed for a group picture and then they, along with several other players, stayed and signed autographs.

Next up: the 5:45 practice.

With pre-season about a week away im overly excited to see how this team does this year.
Lets kick the shit out of New England!

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Now Favre? Well, he is old and what not, but could be interesting, no?


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How long will it take Brett to learn this offense?

Im sure we wont see him tomorrow night. But next week, he might very well be in there.
Exciting? Yes. How long will he last? One season?

Whats next?


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Does he show up at laguardia in a private jet to a waiting red escalade? Or does Habib the taxi driver pick him up after jet blue lost his luggage. Green Bay Hero...now a NY Zero (boooo...I know)

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From Jets confidential

There is a very good chance Pennington will be a Kansas City Chief sometime today.

Pennington and Kansas City coach Herman Edwards have a strong relationship from their time in New York together.

According to a source close to the Chiefs, the team wants Pennington. So don't be shocked if Pennington is playing in Arrowhead Stadium next year.

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Wow, the Herm and Chad train rides again! Yuck. I love Chad, I think he will make a great NFL coach one day, but damn is that boy fragile or what?


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2 Weeks ago I was totally against this. After talking to people about it, i started to turn and really got excited about the idea of Brett Favre playing for the Jets. When the talk of the Jets heated up again earlier this week, I didnt want to get my hopes up knowing that its the Jets and it probably wouldnt happen. Waking up 5am this morning to a shitload of text messages, I was in total shock. I still cant believe the Jets somehow pulled this off without giving up that much. The only way we give up a first rounder is if we make the SuperBowl which if they do, they can have the whole fucking draft.

Bottom line, (its been beaten like a horse today too) we're a better team today then we were yesterday.

My aunt works for the NFL and she got an email around 5:05am this morning asking how quickly I can have a #4 jersey. I'm told ill have it by Wednesday :icon_bigg

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That was some interview with Joe...


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Ask and Ye shall receive:

I so love the classics. :clap::clap::clap:

.......... I love Chad, I think he will make a great NFL coach one day .....
Pretty much what I said in the "Trade Thread". While he might have the body or endurance for the game, he does have a head for it and he will make his mark as a coach.


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"The Other" Brett had a fine showing tonight. Just like in training camp reports

Brett Ratliff 14/20 252 yards 2 TD's No INT's
Kellen Clemens 4/6 31 yards 0 No INT's

David Clowney (who was drafted by the Packers last season) had 4 receptions for 163 yards and 2 touchdowns.

I know pre-season doesnt mean anything. But the Patriots lost and the Jets didnt.


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2 Weeks ago I was totally against this. After talking to people about it, i started to turn and really got excited about the idea of Brett Favre playing for the Jets. When the talk of the Jets heated up again earlier this week, I didnt want to get my hopes up knowing that its the Jets and it probably wouldnt happen. Waking up 5am this morning to a shitload of text messages, I was in total shock. I still cant believe the Jets somehow pulled this off without giving up that much. The only way we give up a first rounder is if we make the SuperBowl which if they do, they can have the whole fucking draft.

Bottom line, (its been beaten like a horse today too) we're a better team today then we were yesterday.

My aunt works for the NFL and she got an email around 5:05am this morning asking how quickly I can have a #4 jersey. I'm told ill have it by Wednesday :icon_bigg
I refuse to jump on the Favre bandwagon. He is not the future QB of the Jets. He is a replacement player for 2 years TOPS. I want a guy like Clemens or Ratliff, or someone else to step up and be our Tom Brady. Favre can not be that guy. Fuck "win now". Be a contender for a few years!