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Didn't see it started yet, nothing much directly team related, but saw this on fmqb.

WYSP Renews Eagles Deal, Simulcast on WIP
February 20, 2008

The Philadelphia Eagles broadcast partnership with WYSP will continue with a new deal being inked that will also include a simulcast on CBS Radio sister-station WIP-AM. The two stations will carry the same in-game coverage that has aired on WYSP since it began as the Eagles flagship station sixteen years ago. Each station will have its own unique pre and post game coverage. Merrill Reese and Mike Quick will continue as play by play hosts.

“The fact that we were able to reach an agreement that increases the length and scope of our deal is a testament to the power of the Eagles brand and the support of the passionate fan base,” said CBS Radio Market Manager and 610 WIP-AM General Manager Marc Rayfield. “We are thrilled to be able to expand the game broadcast to 610 WIP and integrate the Eagles across the family of CBS Radio stations in Philadelphia.”

“The CBS Radio group has been an important partner for almost two decades and the way many of our fans were introduced to and follow our team” said Eagles President/COO Joe Banner. “We appreciate all they have done for us over the years and are happy to be extending the partnership further.”

“There was significant competition for these rights and we are happy to be able to extend our long-time partnership with the team,” said WYSP VP/GM David Yadgaroff. “The popularity of the team is unmatched, and we look forward to being the voice of Eagles for many years to come.”

To the delight of Eagles fans that can't stand listening to Fox television commentator and former Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman, there is a possibility that one of the broadcasts will be set to synch with local television coverage.

I'm actually pretty happy about this. I can listen to them and completely boycott 94 now.


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The Eagles franchising LJ Smith, annoys the shit out of me. L.J is getting paid Top 5 TE money, but he is not good enough to get paid that kind of money. I would have preferred the Eagles making a run at Dallas Clark, and pay him Top 5 tight end money.

Not a good begining to the offseason...

Oh and Fuck WYSP in their fuckholes..


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Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson is facing drug possession charges after being arrested in the southern New Jersey town where he lives.

According to Philadelphia-area media outlets, Evesham Township, N.J. police said Patterson, 24, was arrested along with his brother early last Saturday, Feb. 16.

Police said they approached a vehicle that had apparently been in a minor accident and smelled what appeared to be burning marijuana coming from the car. According to police, Patterson and his brother, Tyrone Patterson, 28, were inside the car, and police also found a small quantity of marijuana inside the car.

According to media reports, police arrested and charged Mike Patterson with possession of marijuana under 50 grams. He was later released. Tyrone Patterson, who lives with his younger brother, was charged with resisting arrest and later posted bail.

Mike Patterson, whom the Eagles drafted in 2005 from USC, had 67 tackles, including a career-high four sacks, in 2007.
Just fucking great, the future of our D-Line is getting charged with possession. This off season isn't turning out to be good, so far.


INDIANAPOLIS -- Given the healthy salary cap situations of most teams and the relative scarcity of players who are likely to come available on the open market, Eagles President Joe Banner predicts free agency will be faster moving than in recent years. And given all of the 12:01 a.m. deals we've seen in the past, that is saying something.

Banner addressed Philadelphia reporters Thursday at the NFL's Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and said things are moving quickly around the league. Trade talk between the teams has been brisk, and whether or not those deals eventually are done, the early read is to be ready to dive in quickly.

"There are more trade talks than there have been in a while. There is more value with players under old contracts because the new contracts are going to be so much larger than the old contracts," said Banner. "I don't know how many trades are actually going to happen, but there is more conversation than in the past. The free-agent market is going to be kind of crazy. It's going to be quick. As with every year, a small number of guys are going to get deals and everybody is going to go, 'Wow,' and there are going to be some values either early or late with players who can help you and contribute, but not with names that people necessarily know. It will be a little more furious than usual at the beginning. I think it's likely there will be more trades than usual."

Interesting stuff. The Eagles are in the middle of the pack as far as salary cap room goes, so they have to be judicious with their shopping. Banner and head coach Andy Reid reiterated throughout the day on Thursday that they like the current roster, one that returns 21 of 22 starters from 2007's 8-8 team.

Banner, in town primarily to meet with the agents of current Eagles to discuss potential long-term deals and the state of those affairs, didn't get into anything concrete as far as what the Eagles might do. He said the approach the team plans to take is the same one it always takes: If the Eagles see a player they think can upgrade the roster, at any position, they will do so.

The structure of the free agency period has changed over the years, but Banner is OK with that. He knows the fans are on the edge of their seats.

"This is a fun, exciting but also stressful time," he said. "At this moment, we know what we'd like to do, but we also have no idea of what anybody else's plans are. So it's very exciting, but it's also very nerve-wracking. You hope you can put together enough deals so that the primary goals of your plan are reached."

What is the team's approach?

"Even in the years when we've ended up hardly doing anything, we've always had a fairly-aggressive plan," said Banner. "What's more hopeful than probably I was a month ago is the activity on the trade side. Usually at this point, there is only one way to really improve your team, which is free agency and there were so few free agents. We saw that being a very limiting market. The fact that you have at least two avenues that we may, or may not, pursue, but the fact that other teams may pursue ... just the fact that there are two acive paths to improve your team give you a better chance to make your team better."

Maybe, then, while free-agent signings gain the headlines early after February 29 starts, trades will gather some attention, too. It all makes for a fascinating period, and Banner thinks that there is a group of players that could be traded "within three to five days" after free agency begins, if at all.

Will the Eagles be players for the players? We shall see.
This gives me hope that the Eagles will at least attempt to do something in free agency this, and hopefully improve this team, because the rest of the NFC East is doing all it can to win the division.


The Eagles on Friday signed wide receiver Brandon "Bam" Childress to a two-year contract.

Childress (5-10, 185) was signed by the New England Patriots in 2005 as an undrafted rookie. He spent most of his first two NFL seasons on the Patriots practice squad, including all of last season.

Childress, who played collegiately at Ohio State, has five receptions for 39 yards in three career games.
Ladies and Gentleman Joe Banner, sorry, the amazing Joe Banner is keeping true to his word, and signing free agents left and right. He begins with the signing of Bam Childress. The name doesn't sound familiar? Don't worry you are not the only one , there are maybe 5 people who have heard of the guy.

This is our fucking free agent signing, while the Cowboys pick up Zach Thomas..


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So Patterson smokes a little weed. Who doesn't?

Banner's an ass. End of story.


Like Hugh Douglas just said on WIP about 30 min ago when calling in, "If you're going to do that, you gotta have a weed man"


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PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Philadelphia Eagles have cut Jevon Kearse.

The Eagles released the former rookie of the year Thursday. The 31-year-old defensive end failed to live up to the lofty expectations when he signed as a free agent in 2004.

Kearse recorded 3 1/2 sacks in 14 games last season and saw his playing time diminish late in the year. He missed most of the 2006 season with a knee injury.

Early in his career, Kearse was one of the NFL's most feared pass rushers. He had 36 sacks in his first three season. He earned Rookie of the Year honors in 1999.
It was a pretty much an expected move by the Eagles. Kearse was good for one year(2004), but even then he didn't live up to the potential of his contract.

The Eagles brought back two reserve but valuable members of their secondary on Thursday, signing safety J.R. Reed to a one-year deal and cornerback Joselio Hanson to a one-year tender.

Both were scheduled to become restricted free agents on Friday.
Good deals by the Eagles. JR Reed played pretty well in the time he got. He also has the potential to be a good kick returner, so to see him back is a god deal.

Hanson is a decent player, so another good decsion by the Iggles. Even if someone decides to pursue him now, we still get a second round pick.

The Minnesota Vikings have agreed to terms with fullback Thomas Tapeh, who spent the first four years of his NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles.
We need to start looking for a decent FB. I don't know the details of the contract, but if he got reasonable money, then it was a mistake by the Eagles, to let him go. He was only 28, and he was the guy, that Westbrook had his best year behind.

The NFL free agency sweepstakes is less than 12 hours old, but Comcast SportsNet's Derrick Gunn is reporting that the Eagles already have a deal in place with Patriots free-agent cornerback Asante Samuel.

No formal announcement has been made, but the Eagles' official web site has shut down because it was overloaded with traffic from running a photo of Samuel and an announcement that he will meet with the Philadelphia media this afternoon.

Samuel is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, and he is expected to get a contract somewhere in the neighborhood of the seven-year, $64 million deal that Nate Clements received with the 49ers last year. Giving a free agent that much money would run counter to the way the Eagles usually do things, but Samuel might be too good a player to pass up.
Dear God please let this happen! It has been said before, and I will say it again: The Eagles need a playmaker on defense. Samuel is a playmaker we can use. If the Eagles don't sign, I will be pissed.


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Asante Samuel signs with the Eagles for 6 years, Spaddaro just reported it on philadelphiaeagles.com, terms aren't disclosed yet, but it is official.

Good job Banner, Reid, and Lurie!

Ladeis and Gentlemen, introducing the latest Philadelphia Eagle, from Universal Central Florida, #?? Asante Samueeellllll...

Now get me Fitzgerald or Roy Williams :action-sm


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Good news. I hope they do a little more. They need it.

Sinn Fein

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They need to find a quarterback, but since they aren't looking for one like they should be... I don't expect much.


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Why isn't Joe Banner on the phone right now talking to Moss' agent? We need an elite WR, and there aren't many WR's, who are more elite than Moss. They should at least make an effort for Moss, only because he is the best WR available right now. The Eagles also need to take in consideration that the Cowboys might make a play at him, and if that happens, I don't care how strong your defense is, you aren't beating the Cowboys.

They need to find a quarterback, but since they aren't looking for one like they should be... I don't expect much.
I don't agree with your opinion on McNabb, but even if I did, simply put there are no good QB's out there in Free Agency land. The best one was Derek Anderson, and he was locked up by the Browns.


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IS there still talk about trading Mcnabb? Haven't heard about it much on the Bears board in about a month.


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McNabb isn't going anywhere and signing Samuel proves it. Like Aizazzle said there aren't any good QB's out there..now if someone called and offered a deal i would think they may entertain it but i t's definitely not something thats active. I think they are ready to give McNabb one last shot and see how he makes out. I don't see Kolb coming out of the gate as a superstar so they put a good team together give the ball to McNabb and see what he does if they suck by mid-season it wouldn't suprise me one bit to see McNabb pulled and Kolb get some play time


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Clemons joins Eagles: The Philadelphia Eagles have struck again. One day after signing CB Asante Samuel, they have signed LB/DE Chris Clemons to a five-year contract. The four-year veteran, who had a career-high eight sacks for Oakland last season
I guess Banner was right, the Eagles certainly aren't holding back in signing guys. Another good move by them. Clemons was 10th in the AFC in sacks, and he should help Cole a lot on the other side. The Eagles defense has become vastly improved in the last two days. However, they need to get offensive help to become contenders again.


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flyerfan116 said:
I think they are ready to give McNabb one last shot and see how he makes out. I don't see Kolb coming out of the gate as a superstar so they put a good team together give the ball to McNabb and see what he does if they suck by mid-season it wouldn't suprise me one bit to see McNabb pulled and Kolb get some play time
Yeah, I figure this is his last shot. I really hope they get some offensive improvement.


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They won't touch Moss after the TO debacle.

McNabb isn't going anywhere unless he gets hurt.

I like the signings so far.


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A source tells the Trenton Times that the Eagles and Cardinals had talks about a trade that would send Larry Fitzgerald to Philadelphia. The source calls Arizona's asking price "absurd."
I'm just shocked that the Eagles even pursued Fitzgerald. It seems like they realize that the Eagles window of oppurtunity is closing, and this is their best oppurtunity to win a Superbowl. Too bad the Cards are being complete cunts about trading Fitzgerald. Hopefully, the Eagles make an attempt at Roy Williams, if this doesn't work out.


Roar. Go: Eagles, Flyers, Philles, Buckeyes, etc.
It's early yet too-some of these guys may come a lot easier when we get closer to the draft.


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Citing a source close to the situation, the Boston Herald reported on Monday that the Eagles actually offered Moss more money than he will receive from the Patriots. Philadelphia had already lured away New England defensive back Asante Samuel this offseason.
WTF??? I fucking hate you Randy Moss, and I hope you fucking die in a fucking fiery car crash you shitdick. If we had this fucking nagger, the Superbowl was ours. Why couldn't he sign for money? Why? Why? :cry3::cry3::cry3:


Roar. Go: Eagles, Flyers, Philles, Buckeyes, etc.


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The NFL Network's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Eagles have signed Dan Klecko to a one-year contract.

Klecko has primarily played defensive tackle during his five-year NFL career with the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots, but the Eagles plan to move him to fullback.

The 5-foot-11, 275-pound Klecko, who is the son of former Jets defensive lineman and Temple great Joe Klecko, was the Patriots’ fourth-round draft pick in 2003. He won two Super Bowl rings with the Patriots and one with the Colts.
Meh, I guess its a good move.

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have there been any new rumblings regarding any WR's we are targeting??