2011 Little League World Series

I think I've made a thread years ago about hating/loving this, but we'll do a new one for a new year.
Watching Missouri right now, getting beat 5-1.

I watch a lot of these games, mostly for the "wrong" reasons, but they're still entertaining.
Someone's mom just started crying when her kid got a single to score a run.

There was a kid on one of the teams named Harley Davidson. Just it get more white-trash than that?

As always, I love the over-analysis of 11 year old kids.
"And when he's able to keep his weight back, and have that back to front weight distribution that's when you'll see Lil' Kevin Kotter drive the ball to left field. He struggles when he swings flat-footed, and that's what you saw there when you rolled over on that ball.
Really... You've got some random 11 year old kid scouted do ya?

Then there was this kid who watched his HR and did the Shaq dead-arm walk to first base.

Hope he remembers the good times when he's making me a Sno-Cone in 5 years.


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either these umps are the worst EVER or the fix is in for Pa
One of the kids took a line-drive right to the bill of his hat.
The pitcher...
It dented his bill pretty good, but somehow it didn't actually hit him.