2012 Jeep concept truck


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Forest green for me please. They had another concept called Galdiator a few years back and hade a cool side mounted tire on the bed which looked bad ass. I would defintaly drive this.

The is the other concept which has a roomier cab and more modern look to it. it's a few years old.



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Love the old Jeep pickups. Is it still a concept if it's not new?


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That is pretty bad ass. I really don't like the bench seat though they are uncomfortable as fuck.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
notice the desert around that jeep truck..... its the only reason its not rotted into the dirt.


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Probably the V-6, 210hp, 3.8 litre. They did away with the inline-6 in 2007. Slap on a good air-intake system and dual exhaust and you can probably get it up to 235hp and it'll have a nice growl to it.

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Fuck that. It needs a 6.4 HEMI.


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There is a company called AEV that converts jeeps to trucks.

They need to just make them like this from the factory. Very Humveeish. I like it.Reminds me of the Hummer H3T,

I really wanted one of those but they are rare therefor overpriced, and it's just a dressed up Chevy Colorado So I bought a Honda Ridgeline instead. Boo


What's black and white and red all over?
You could get the extended cab version.