2019 NFL Season Thread


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That's what I thought as well when I heard this.
Even when you take into consideration New England's history of signing other teams' malcontents, Brown was released this morning. Then hours later he signs a deal with the Patriots. I can't believe teams like the Packers, Bears, Rams, etc. didn't at least give Drew Rosenhaus a call. I know the Patriots are smarter than other organizations, but not that smart.


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I can not believe he got 15 mil. I am sure that is loaded with incentives or clauses to protect themselves. The numbers he will put up there will be staggering.


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Saw lots of Steelers fans celebrating life without Bell and Brown the past few months.

Seems to be going well so far.


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I just hope the Redskins make 8-8 this year.

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Seahawks have two wins by a total margin of 3 points. My heart may not be able to take this.