2019 Philadelphia Phillies

Arrietta tomorrow night
Gio Gonzales for the Brewers , 1.69 era
At least it'll be warmer
Rodriguez starting at 3rd
Gosselin in LF
Franco and Odubel get to sit , for a while at least
Bases loaded , no outs
Walked the pitcher and the next guy
Yelich singles
Braun up
3 run inning
Rodriguez fucked up a play at 3rd
It was almost comical


In The Danger Zone...
Wackbag Staff
I gotta get up early to go have some tests done. Punching out.

Later folks. Fuck Jake.


I shot the sheriff
Evening guys. I only caught bits and pieces tonight. It looks like Jake was less than stellar again.
Oh fuck off with the day games. I hate BPS's. People have jobs. Of course they couldn't be calling for rain tomorrow afternoon.