2019 Philadelphia Phillies

I think it's just local. I'm not a fan either.
I imagine if you're into flashy outfits and that type of music its a hoot. It just doesn't translate well to TV. The people that are there seem to be having fun. I imagine the alcohol helps with that. To each their own. They're having fun. Good for them. Just never got it. I used to really love watching parades as a kid. Couldn't stand the Mummers back then. Nothing has changed.
I've never heard shaving referred to as a "daunting task". Seems a bit dramatic.


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Well 6 innings and 3 runs is about as good a game as you'll get from Jake.
Thankfully this year we haven't been treated to an entire inning of watching a family hang out in the bowels of the stadium in the production room as their reward for being authentic fans.


In The Danger Zone...
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Eflin due to pitch tomorrow.

If they hit like they did tonight could be another series win.


Bet this guys glad he's not paid by the pitch.....sheesh....

Philly loser

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Arizona's first baseman is related to a guy I went to school with
About 50 family members went down the other night
That's nice
But, he needs to lose