24/7 YouTube Livestream now up and running! VideOandA Theater Weekends - AudiOandA Theater Weekdays


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Hey guys, been killing some free time for the past few months just putting out random O&A clips and some compilations etc on YouTube for people, and it ended up getting a decent amount of traffic on the channel, so I started up a YouTube livestream taking advantage of YouTube's new features.

Contacted VideOandA, Billy Nunez, and waiting to hear from Coke, and after a whole shit load of downloading/renaming/reuploading/extracting we finally made it -- 485 videos with 94 animations -- 96 total hours of content for VideOandA and all other O&A with video! That's over half a week straight of O&A talking about videos with the video synced to the player -- not even beginning to get into the library of audio there is to play.

Speaking of that, on the
weekdays we're gonna switch it to AudiOandA Theater to keep things fresh, and do different themes for different weeks (if you have any ideas for a theme please don't hesitate to post it or PM me)

So, if anyone feels like hanging out and listening to some O&A when you're bored, the channel is now up and running 24/7 with little or no downtime at all!

Hope to see you all around there! nyQuiL