2U@Flannery's(NYC) Nov 16


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I'm definitely coming to this one.


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This is also a reunion show for Mr. Potatohead!

Ant and Brother Joe formed a cover band called Mr. Potatohead after Rotgut, along with Joe Currie (of Art of the Topless fame) and some other friends. They will be performing after 2U at Flannery's on the 16th. Expect the usual friend and family guest appearances on stage as well, but I've seen the set lists so far and it should be a fun night. Hope everyone can make it out!

As always, check 2U's website, http://www.notu2.com and their myspace.

Thanks so much to SOS for always posting the 2U shows in here, it means a lot to us and Joe really appreciates the support from wackbag and the fans.