3 Months of Sports

If you could only watch 3 months of sports out of the year, what would those months be. The months can either be consecutive or individual ones.

I heard this question on ESPN's First Fake of all places this morning. I figured since they have been known to rip off other people, I would do the same and pose the question on Wackbag.

My answer, September to November. Over the course of those 3 months, you have football, both college and the NFL. You also end of the college football regular season. There is also the pennant races, playoffs, and World Series in MLB. I also still get one month of NBA action.

Coincidentally, I think those are some of the best 3 months of the year when it comes to weather conditions.

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World Cup and the Olympics are my favorite sporting events but they don't happen every year so I will leave them out. I would probably say March because of college bb of course. I would also go with October and November because of college and pro football. I would agree those are great weather months although my fucking hayfever is so bad nowadays that I can't go outside without sneezing until first frost.


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I'd have to agree with Sept to November.

End of baseball and playoffs, start of NFL in weather
that's good enough to go to a game without freezing
your ass off and the start of the NHL season.


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Consecutively would've been a better a question and that's one of the many reasons why First Take is a complete shit show. I could pick three random months that would be great which would be easy, however, I'll go with consecutive months because that's the better question. I'd go with early February-late April. You get to watch the Superbowl, the meat of the NHL and NBA schedule and the beginning of baseball. Not too shabby.
I'm gonna go with January 2034, April 2016, October 2045, and August 2013.
*Edit- Oh son of a bitch, here I was thinking I was being clever picking months non-consecutively.

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I'm gonna go with January 2034, April 2016, October 2045, and August 2013.
*Edit- Oh son of a bitch, here I was thinking I was being clever picking months non-consecutively.
Also, you picked 4. Cunt.

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This reminds me to start my campaign for a boo button again.
If it's consecutive.

Baseball, NFL, NCAA Football/Basketball, NBA

Sep-Oct-March I guess if 3 random.


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My consecutive months would be Sept-Nov. Since you asked any 3 months, I have to have March, April and October. I get all sports covered with those 3 months


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Any 3 months

Jan - Bowl games and NFL playoffs
March - college, nba playoff push and spring training
Oct - mlb playoffs and world series
My any 3 months would be:

March- College Basketball. Although lets be honest, its for only 4 days really.
June- NBA Finals and the MLB season has been underway for about a month and half.
October- World Series and the meat of the college football and NFL seasons.

So apparently I must not like watching the Super Bowl since I didn't pick the month of February under either scenario.


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Id go November/December/January (only is they move the Superbowl back to January already) just because although I watch pretty much any sport the NFL playoffs are the games that really get me going. The finality of every game makes it much more exciting than the series sports. Every game is a game 7.


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April thru june. NHL playoffs baby