30 Days Of Night

Anyone looking forward to this? I love alternate vampire visions, and definitely like them better than zombies. Plus I hear the violence starts right from the beginning and never stops.

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yeah, the flick looks daaaaaaaaaaaaamn good.


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I am, the vampire genre definitely needs something a bit different, there hasn't been a decent vampire flick since Fright Night (Blade 2 was decent but I don't consider it horror). So far the reviews are what most would expect: horror fans love it and mainstream critics are trashing it.


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mainstream critics are trashing it.
Mainstream critics are shitdicks who don't get it, maaan.

Just might have to check it out on Friday.

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I'm interested in seeing it...but what graphic novel is it based on?

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I think I get a little wood when I see the commercials. YEA I WANNA $EE IT!
First time I saw a commercial for it, it peaked my interest. I think I'll be checking it out.


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I'm interested in seeing it...but what graphic novel is it based on?
Yeah there were originally 3 issues, and I'm sure they've been compiled since then. I've read them along with "Dark Days", "Return To Barrow", and "Bloodsucker Tales". Plus, I've read the novel "Rumors of the Undead" (which was excellent btw).

The first comics and the movie (supposedly) are somewhat basic, and simple, sort of an introduction, but they are highly entertaining. I think the quality of the "sequels" and other material in the 30 Days universe is top-notch, so I'm hoping this movie does well, so the rest of the material will be adapted too.

(Here are the first comics, but BEWARE: I've heard the movie is pretty faithful to the comics, so don't read them if you don't want to know whats going to happen in the movie. http://rapidshare.com/files/62637932/01_30_Days_of_Night.rar.html )

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Looks good, love viampire flicks, but it seems they've been a little to polished lately, nice to see a grittier vampire horror movie instead of just action/thrillers


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I'm really really disappointed in the way these town folks conducted themselves. Yes, I know it's a work of fiction, but in remote places like Alaska people arm themselves a hell of lot better then these toolbags.

For instance, there would be a shitload of shotguns, followed by scoped hunting rifles (30.06, etc...) and of course big bad revolvers (.44 Mag, etc...) and semi-auto's (1911's, Glocks, etc...) Fucking bears are a big problem in that part of the US. Also, people wear a lot of clothes when it's that fucking cold, which it is since there's no fucking sun for a month.

And what happened to the normal Vampire powers like thermal vision, since they are fucking undead they'd see the warm body's. Which brings up another problem gasoline/diesel powered vehicles don't just kick the fuck over.



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I saw it and it was ok,the hot chick as a fire marshall should of been played by that woman from Fargo for a little more realism.
Could of been much better if they put a little more thought into it
and suspense.
Definatly had "The Thing" vibe about it and maybe it will better on DVD.
Worth the $6 I spent I give it 3 1/2 out of 5.
I can`t stand Josh Hartnett but he did a pretty good job here.


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I saw it yesterday. Not great but not bad. Pretty creepy in parts. My wife was freaked out the whole night.

The only thing that ruined it for me was that a couple brought their 4 year old daughter to the movie. Selfish pricks. She had to sit on her mom's lap to see the movie. I just fumed the whole time.
Wasn't scary but it was a quality movie. Had some flaws, too much shaking camera, etc.


Not too bad. Had it's moments here and there. I thought Ben Foster as the 'creepy stranger' was stupid as were most of his lines.

" '30 Days of Night' is a FANG-tastic good time":puke:

Fuzzy Otis

I liked the movie, it was good, not great. A definate additon to by DVD collection.


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Well that was uninspired.