3200 Microsoft points for $20


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Circuit City has a deal for accessories. Buy any 2 accessories and get instant 20 dollars off. Get your free fucking 1600 points now. I did right after work, they were out but they ordered it for me and I'll pick them up on Wednesday!

edit: And don't let them tell you that it's in conjunction with buying an Xbox elite. That's a totally seperate part of the ad that happens to be in the same space as that one. Luckily my Circuit City is full of awsome people.

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do you have a copy of the add or a link? i like to go to these places armed so they can STFU if they give me trouble?


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Went to one of the circuit cities not far from here and they were out, gonna call the other one tomorrow. If I can't play any online games Im going to download extra content for Crackdown and maybe download that Catan game.

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You do know how to get around CC being out of cards, take an ad to BBY, Wal-Mart, or whoever matches prices, and just have them match the price there.


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Holy shit Kev, good find.

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I've been to three stores on the island every other day this week on my way home from work none of them had any cards left.


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I just got my cards today. Freakin' sweet! I hope you guys ordered em like I did.