4 Firefighters killed in Houston hotel fire


Screw you guys, I'm going home.
Jul 16, 2005
This is just fucking horrible.

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Houston mourns 4 firefighters killed in hotel blaze
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HFD update on hotel fire casualties
Video updated on: 2013.06.01 at 06:44 PM CDT
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Cause of deadly hotel fire under investigation
Video updated on: 2013.06.01 at 07:07 AM CDT
Story posted 2013.06.01 at 06:44 PM CDT

The city of Houston is still shocked one day after a massive hotel fire killed four firefighters, making it the deadliest day in the history of the Houston Fire Department.
Flags remain at half-staff at the Houston Fire Department and across our area as the city mourns Friday's tragic losses.
The fire started just after noon inside a restaurant at the Southwest Inn Motel on the Southwest Freeway near Hillcroft.
Eyewitnesses tell us the fire seems to have started in a restaurant located at the rear of the hotel. One employee of the hotel says someone came running from there yelling about a fire and screaming for help just before she saw flames. That employee knocked on doors and windows to try and get guests out.
Flames spread to the entire motel, blanketing the area in thick smoke. The flames quickly spread out of control and soon it was a five-alarm fire.
Firefighters got the flames under control about two hours later. The building was reduced to rubble and in it were some of the brave firefighters who were trying to help.
Officials confirmed Saturday that a collapse occurred and resulted in four firefighter deaths. Three firefighters were killed at the scene while the fourth died at a hospital, according to the mayor's office and local medical examiner.
The mayor asked for prayers for the fallen firefighters. HFD identified them as:
Captain EMT Matthew Renaud , 35, of Engine 51. He began his career with the Houston Fire Department in October of 2001 and in addition to Fire Station 68, has served out of stations 51, 39, 83, 73, 37, 60 and 35.
Engineer Operator EMT Robert Bebee , 41, of Station 51. He began his career with the Houston Fire Department in August of 2001 and in addition to Fire Station 51, has served out of Stations 37, 40, 10 and 48.
Firefighter EMT Robert Garner , 29, of Station 68. He began his career with the Houston Fire Department in October of 2010 and has served out of Fire Station 68 since.
Probationary Firefighter Anne Sullivan , 24, of Station 68. She graduated from Houston Fire Department Academy this past April and was assigned to Fire Station 68.
Firefighters at the site of destroyed building saluted their fallen comrades Friday. Ambulances carrying their remains drove a processional past the fire stations where they served, as the streets were lined with firefighters and others paying tribute.
More than 150 firefighters fought the stubborn fire from ladders and the Southwest Freeway feeder road. They had to be rotated out of service, as the heat of the flames and smoke proved to be too much for any to tolerate for long.
"You walk in, average fire, our temperature is going to be at about 500 or 600 degrees," explained HFD Captain Rudy Lozano. "You gear up, your body temperature is going to be at that place of exhaustion within 10 minutes."
Fire officials said they took a high risk in aggressively fighting the fire because they believed people were inside the motel. When a portion of the building collapsed, the firefighters were trapped.
"It was an occupied structure, during business hours. There was every indication to think there was a life to be saved," Lozano said.
Lozano said at a news conference Saturday that firefighters were turning to each other and their families as they grieved their colleagues.
"Anytime one of your brothers or sisters are affected, it's not just that, it's also a reminder of the inherent danger of this profession. It reminds you. It reminds your family," Lozano said.
A joint memorial service is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday at Reliant Park, but details are still being worked out. We'll keep you updated as new details on services come into the newsroom.
HOPES FOR RECOVERY FOR THE INJURED In addition to the four tragic deaths, 14 firefighters were injured in the blaze. The injuries ranged from heat exhaustion to severe burns.

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Apr 2, 2005
South Jersey
Why is fighting fires worth running into a building where victims may or may not be? I never understood fire fighting.


Screw you guys, I'm going home.
Jul 16, 2005
Just a small update. There are others still in the hospital and some might not make it from what the reports are.

This city is pretty big, but the HFD community is tight.

Four Houston firefighters killed in massive motel fire near Southwest Freeway


by Michelle Homer / KHOU.com
Posted on May 31, 2013 at 12:30 PM
Updated today at 4:59 PM



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Southwest Inn motel

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HOUSTON – Four Houston firefighters died Friday while battling a 5-alarm blaze in a motel near the Southwest Freeway at Hillcroft. Three bodies were found in the rubble of the Southwest Inn motel.
A fourth firefighter died after being rushed to Southwest Memorial Hermann Hospital.
The firefighters have been identified as: Captain EMT Matthew Renaud, 35, of Station 51; Firefighter EMT Robert Garner, 29, of Station 68; Probationary Firefighter Anne Sullivan, 24, of Station 68; and Engineer Operator EMT Robert Bebee, 41, of Station 51.
Sullivan just graduated from the academy last month.
"Houston firefighters mourn the loss of our three brothers and our sister and will forever honor their sacrifices," said Jeff Caynon, president of the Houston Professional Firefighters Association. "This tragedy underscores the inherent dangers of our profession. Please keep Houston firefighters in your thoughts and prayers."
Fire Chief Terry Garrison confirmed the four were killed when the roof collapsed. Garrison said they risked going inside the burning motel because they thought there were civilians trapped inside.
"They were risking their lives to save the community," he said. "Unfortunately, the building had much more fire than we originally thought. The structure collapsed."
In a heartwrenching scene, several firefighters gathered around a flag-draped body in the middle of the burnt-out motel.
The victims were later loaded into ambulances for a procession to the medical examiner's office. Firefighters at stations along the way lined the street and saluted as they passed by. Some citizens also came out to pay their respects.
"Today is going to go down as the worst day in the history of the Houston Fire Department," Mayor Annise Parker said. "We ask for every Houstonian to offer their prayers for the families of these fallen firefighters."
Thirteen firefighters were injured in the blaze. One firefighter remains in critical condition and another will undergo surgery on Saturday. The other firefighters all in stable condition and some have been released from the hospital.
The injured are being treated at: Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center; Memorial Hermann Southwest, just blocks from the fire; and Memorial Hermann Northwest.
HFD Asst. Chief Rick Flanagan said this was the worst day of his life.
"There is nothing we can do that will heal the hurt that we all feel today," the mayor said.
The fire broke out shortly after noon Friday, blowing thick, black smoke across the Southwest Freeway and slowing traffic in both directions.
The flames spread quickly through the motel in the 6800 block of the Southwest Freeway near Hillcroft. Strong winds challenged the dozens of Houston firefighters who battled the blaze. Many appeared to be struggling as temperatures crept toward 90 degrees with high humidity. They were given wet towels and water as they took breaks.
It took more than three hours to bring the flames under control.
The front sections of the large motel and adjoining restaurant were gutted.
"Pray for our members… those who go to work tomorrow and the next day and the next day," Garrison said. "And we’ll get through this. We’ll honor the families. We’ll continue to serve you the best we possibly can."
While HFD is in mourning, there will be others who are working through the night to make sure we’re safe," the mayor said. "So I ask everyone to think about them and the job that they do."
Traffic was backed up for miles in the inbound lanes. The feeder road was closed near Bellaire and three mainlanes were shut down to make room for emergency vehicles. Rubberneckers also slowed traffic in the outbound lanes.
The Houston Fire Department Arson Division is the lead agency in the investigation of the fire. The Texas Fire Marshal's Office, HPD and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco, Firearms and Explosives will assist with the investigation.


Liberal Psycopath
Dec 9, 2004
Loveland, CO
Why don't fire departments have robots to go into these places like the bomb squad does? Seems like sometimes our firefighting techniques aren't much different from the bucket bridges of the 1700's


Supreme Champion!!!!!
Jan 14, 2002
Land of misfit toys
Why don't fire departments have robots to go into these places like the bomb squad does? Seems like sometimes our firefighting techniques aren't much different from the bucket bridges of the 1700's
Some of the delivery systems are updated but the tools are basically the same. The one truck I worked on had hose nozzles that we had used since the 1800's
Most trucks have these:
but rarely use it. Shame too, it's a great tool.


Screw you guys, I'm going home.
Jul 16, 2005
One Captain had to have both his legs amputated.

There is a huge memorial service planned at the big Reliant Stadium on Wed.

Lots of surrounding fire departments will be covering the Houston Fire Department calls during the service.