4-year-old grabs loaded gun at family BBQ and accidentally kills wife of Tennessee sheriff’s deputy


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NASHVILLE — Authorities say a 4-year-old boy grabbed a loaded gun at a family cookout and accidentally shot and killed the wife of a Tennessee sheriff’s deputy.
Investigators say Wilson County Deputy Daniel Fanning on Saturday was showing his weapons to a relative in a bedroom of his Lebanon home when the toddler came in and picked up a gun off the bed. Sheriff Robert Bryan says the weapon discharged, hitting 48-year-old Josephine Fanning.
She was pronounced dead at the scene. The child is not related to her or her husband.
Bryan says the shooting was a terrible accident and that within seconds of Fanning placing the gun on the bed, the toddler picked it up.
“It’s a sad, sad set of circumstances,” Bryan told local television.
The gun was not Fanning’s service weapon and the sheriff says the deputy’s weapons are normally stored in a safe.

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Darkness always says hello.
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