420 Movie clips

Oh shit I just watched somethin from the Huffington Post



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Just think if Hollywood had been based somewhere like Tennessee instead of California, they would all be drinking moonshine and taking Oxycontin.

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My favorite pot scene, for no particular reason, is from the first Cheech and Chong movie:

Cheech: Here, light that thing up man, let's get chinese-eyed.

Chong: [eying the joint] Kinda skinny, isn't it?

Cheech: No, it's a heavy duty joint, man.

Chong: Kinda looks like a toothpick.

Cheech: Naw, it's not a toothpick, man.

Chong: No, it IS a toothpick, man.

[hands it back to Cheech]

Cheech:[looking at it, puzzled] Hey, it EEEESS a toothpick!