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Just curious what everyone is doing for 4th of july? Im going to a party at an inlaws house. when I was a kid July 4th looked like a war! there was smoke everywhere people lighting off shit on every block, but because of guiliani, I didnt even hea a firecracker in the last few years!!

before anyone asks yes I'm at work during lunchtime on a HP Jornada Pocket PC plugged into my nextel phone. thes things are awesome

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Stingray at work, classic. I should have thought of that. :D

I have no clue what I am doing. For the same reason you just mentioned. It has been a dead day the past 3 years. No fireworks. I remember I would go to Howard Beach or Ozone Park, Queens every 4th and Gotti would have his big Firework show. Now they don't do it anymore. So it's been extremely boring. I think I am just going to get really drunk. Mavric305 reporting from work also. :D


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I aint doin shit. I got the fucking day off but the 4th of July sucks this year falling on a Wednesday. Stingray can you put a picture of your pocket pc on the site so we can see what that looks like or just a link to where we can see one online.
Pocket PC page

I have This one

you use a stylus (a plastic pen type thing) to click, a little keyboard on the screen, you can type almost as fas as a keyboard.

unlike the palm pilots, the pocket Pc's can browse the web. you can play mp3's, I have AIM, yahoo messenger, AOL mail, all in full color. even has windows media player so I can watch a porno!

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That shit is phahahat. How much did that run ya? I'd like to get myself one of those. Does it take awhile to load using your cell?
yea with the cell connection is only 14.4. but for people that work outside, it does the job


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I figured that. That's still awesome though. It's not that expensive either. Very cool. Is it as clear as it appears in the picture?
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<STRONG>Is it as clear as it appears in the picture?</STRONG>
Yes, If your inside or its dark out, It's hard to see in the sunlight


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Nice!! Yeah pretty much every color screen is like that. I fucking hate when I want my blinds open for the breeze but the sun fucks with the TV and I can't see the whole screen. Pisses me off! :D

That shit is awesome. I think I am going to get Sony Playstation 2 and than maybe I will get something like that. Actually I am thinking of getting a whole new PC. This one is getting old. Or maybe just a bigger monitor.

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I saw one on the website with a mini keyboard where you can type shit. I wonder if that one was any good. I am definitley interested. I have the motorola 2way pager i have had it since last October its pretty cool. But i think im gonna look into something like that i think it would be perfect for moments at work when you got shit to do but have to be there anyway and have to ammuse yourself with paperclips or fucking drawing graffiti art on a piece of paper to pass time.
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<STRONG>I saw one on the website with a mini keyboard where you can type shit. I wonder if that one was any good. .</STRONG>
That one is bigger and a lot more money, the regular pocket pc's fits in your back pocket
(My wallet is bigger)

Look at the pic above, you'll see a little keyboard Icon in the bottom right corner, you click that with the stylus and a keyboard pops up on the screen... The letters are arranged the same as a regular keyboard so you can actually type pretty fast with the stylus.