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Discussion in 'Older Reviews' started by reyalsnik, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. reyalsnik

    reyalsnik Doing it 103 1/2 style

    Dec 30, 2003
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    First Break

    Opie starts by saying ‘hi’ to the 6 people that like them so far, and to the people from Long Island that remember them. Opie congratulates Anthony on his new apartment. Anthony’s a little mad; he doesn’t know where his furniture is. He knows the movers have it though. He thinks he recognized some of his stuff being sold in the park. He has a TV and cable, though. His has spools and milk crates for furniture, but can’t go without that cable TV. Opie is willing to donate some of his old college stuff to furnish the apartment.

    Second Break

    Boys talk about the cabbie strike. They also talked about the 40,000 construction workers clashing with cops on Madison Ave. yesterday. They talked about cabbies numbering in the tens in front of city hall, protesting. They figure that there was a language problem, so they couldn’t get organized.

    Third Break

    Talk about Mayor Giuliani’s new kick: he wants stiffer penalties to people selling cigarettes to minors. Kids in NY rated anti-cigarette commercials. Opie thinks all of the commercials were lame except the #1 commercial which was a lady with a tracheotomy. Anthony does a Debbie (the woman) voice box impression. Debbie states in the commercial that she still smokes through the hole. Opie talks about a relative who did the same. He said that this guy scared the kids. Anthony does an ‘Uncle Mike’ voice box impression. Opie goes on to say that this guy would join in on Christmas songs. Anthony starts a singing voice box impression. The boys then talk about Anthony’s old 2 pack a day habit and how he quit. Anthony says that it wasn’t really an addiction to him.

    Fourth break

    Opie says there are a lot of calls complaining about Anthony’s voice box impression. Of course, Ant does Debbie again. A guy calls in saying that he was a long time WNEW listener. He calls Ant’s impression a ‘mockery’. Ant defends himself just saying he was saying how bad smoking is. He does the voice again and the guy hangs up. The boys then talk about a new technology: instant feedback.

    Fifth Break

    Opie talks about the ‘Voice of the People’ section in the Daily News. ‘Caroline’ (or is it Carolyn?) in Brooklyn writes about Mayor Giuliani, and has some suggestions for him. ‘George’ from Long Island writes an article about how Pat Sajak should be more considerate to Vanna White.

    Sixth Break

    The boys figure they are up to 10 people that enjoy the show. Figure they are gaining listeners every 2 or 3 days. Boys start talking about how Anthony is a huge Star Trek fan (just the old ones). Opie says that Channel 11 is having a marathon. Fans picked the top 25 shows starting Friday at 9am for the weekend. Anthony’s were ‘Balance of Terra’, ‘Doomsday Machine’, and others but not ‘Spock’s Brain’, which made the Top 10. Ant starts doing Kirk impression. They start talking about some good episodes. They realize that the ‘evil twin’ is easy to do. Just slap a goatee on the actor.

    Seventh Break

    The boys talk about instant feedback. Anthony talks about plans of having web cams in the future. Opie teases something about ‘Wednesdays’. A person on Instant Feedback asks if ‘Opie’ is his real name. Opie explains that he was the only guy in sixth grade that didn’t have a nickname. Julie Berson wanted to give him one. The choices were between Will Robinson, Howdy Doody and Opie…obvious choice.

    Eighth Break

    Opie saying he has to stop drinking espresso; he can’t talk. Ant has been drinking it too. He compare it to Crystal Meth. The final count for people who like them: 11. They gained 5 listeners who like them since the beginning of the show.

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