6-5-07 The Opie and Anthony Show Thread--- Chat here "Rock Scream Tuesday"


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Did wackbag crash on anyone else during the second hour of the show yesterday?
wackbag always messes up man. Sometimes it just wont respond for about 10-30 minutes and ya just have to come back to try it again.

I had some problems with it yesterday but I don't remember the time. I have been kind of out of it and not paying attention to the time.
Fellas I LOVE Ron&Fez but I have to say after half a month of the same fucking shows time after time after time is really running thin.

I wish they would at least play some shit from their FM show or older things because I never got to hear their FM show due to work :(

Fuck you Earl Douglas!


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Yay, the sweet sound of EoG.


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I liked when they 1st played the same show over and over. I was in and out of the car so much that I did finally hear the whole show


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Remember O&As pre-show show on XM? Ungagged? Ahhh, those were the days.

I'm sad.


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work has been dead tonight!!! No one ever came to get a room. Good thing I have this computer and my xbox360 at work :)
Program button? Hmm I wonder what board they use there. On my board at work it says "Air" and we use "Program" to record things off air.

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Good morning tools. A rare day off for me. I'm happy to be here.


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Morning Baggers. :action-sm



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I love the smell of coffee. I love walking down the isle in the store but I hate the way it taste.


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I always think the Danzig song is the Doors. the voice is almost the same

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Hey kiddies...

sex acts on Paltalk??...no way.
Oh yeah, that's great Anthony. I have two fucking radio shows my friend--ok maybe not. Ron is fucking fantastic.

Ooooooh I just remembered that they don't have two radio show anymore :( Sorry there Ronnie.


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What is this, a live read for paltalk?