6th grader get's 6.5 Million to fund game company


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Dec 1, 2002


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6th Grader Gets $6.5m to Fund Game Company

Posted Sep 20th 2007 11:19AM by Tom Conlon
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At 12 years old, most of us could barely raise our textbook-filled backpacks, never mind $6.5 million in funding. But that's exactly what Silicon Valley 6th grader Arjun Mehta has done. Way back when he was in 5th grade (last year), Mehta started PlaySpan in the family garage. PlaySpan is a service that works with gaming companies to sell virtual goods inside of their online worlds -- rather fitting since the money to start PlaySpan came from the sale of virtual items Mehta had won by finishing quests in various games. Though the company has yet to launch, it claims to have already signed up seven game companies as customers.

The new influx of cash from Easton Capital, Menlo Ventures and other investors in Asia brings with it some new playmates for Mehta in the form of new board members from the aforementioned companies.

It's not yet clear whether PlaySpan's new offices will be located in a tree house or a fort.