A BIG f u to the annoying people I know


Lord Kraven13

I would like to send a BIG fuck you to the people that I know who just come to visit me without being invited...I find that to be a rude, obnoxious act and to that I give the biggest FU!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
And one more big FU to the people I work with...FU ALL YOU STINKING TOOLS!!!! :p ;) :cool:
I HATEwhen people come over uninvited!
FU to these inconsiderate bastards. BTW welcome to WB LK13.

Lord Kraven13

Well thank you SpotCheck...I'm glad I could bring up a topic that at least one person can agree with me on. And thanks for the nice welcome...I agree BTW they are inconsiderate bastards. Later
FU to the prick silver spoon up his ass assfuck jerkoff at work, you should have stayed laid off.. This guy is real fuckin lucky I didn't break his fuckin face today..
better keep your distance tomorrow fuckface

and if your reading this you prick .. Get the fuck off my website.