A big FU to alcohol!


I speak the human language
I send this out to alcohol. For making me miss 2 TWO days of work. For making me feel like a worthless piece of shit. Not worthy of living.

I think I won't be drinking this weekend. So fuck you coors light and fuck you sam adams. Fuck me as well for being an alcoholic. :D ;) :mad:


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Ummm mav on sat it is cinco de mayo and you are not drinkin shit I am lol so I wil drink for ya


I speak the human language
I retract my earlier statements. Sam adams and coors light are back in my good graces(my fridge). I had a tough days work and they are relaxing me now. :D


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Mav I think you should write a book called "the trials and tribulations of being a bi-polar alcholic"lmao :p


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Getting rid of the "polar" part would make your book a must read. ;)