A big thanks to Jim Jeffries


AKA Eqyptian Teabag the Friendly Arab
Sep 1, 2005
Washington, D.C.
I would like to thank Jim Jeffries for introducing the word Nignog to my vocabulary. My surplus of road rage ammunition had run dry, until Jim introduced this new and exciting word into my commute. I have gone to great lengths to expel the rage that builds up inside me. For example, here is a photo of me several years ago holding one of the signs I custom made. Notice that it shows up perfectly in the mirror.;)

As you can see, I am a genuine road rageaholic(el lo el, teee hee, yuck..... I should be shot and killed for using that terminology).

Anyways. I found myself screaming the word "Nignog" at the top of my lungs this evening. It was hurtful and silly at the same time. It made me feel a great deal better after saying it. Naturally all my windows were closed at the time and no one besides me heard the insult, but I feel vindicated none the less.

Barry Fagowitz

The Pat Battle of my Bulge
Jul 25, 2005
Just watch clerks II. That should help you.

"Coon, Spook, Spade, Mooly, Jigaboo, nignog"