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I know of a certain member here who has a video of himself doing a little of that speeding.. beware, this is in limey land but will come here eventually.


June 06, 2007

A SPEED nut who posted pictures on the internet of himself apparently driving at more than 150mph faced a grilling from police last night – after being trapped by The Sun.
Anthony Coyne, 27, used the anonymous nickname “antgtv” to boast of his illegal spree on a message board dedicated to drivers of the Vauxhall VX220 sports car.

One photo, taken by his passenger, showed the speedo needle hovering above 150mph. Another was taken through the car windscreen, showing the motorway ahead.

Coyne believed there was nothing in the photos to show where the speeding took place or to identify him.

But The Sun tracked him down in hours. The dummy left his phone number in earlier postings on website www.vx220.org.uk. He also spoke of buying the £14,000 blue turbo and revealed the vehicle’s registration number.

Coyne gave away the location by revealing he was taking his new motor to Paris. There is only one motorway he would use from his South East London home. And we identified the exact spot on the M20 near Harrietsham in Kent.

The photos even gave away the moment – 07.26 on May 27. Kent Police were last night examining the evidence. Inspector Paul Sellwood said: “Drivers who commit offences will be dealt with. We are grateful to The Sun.”

Coyne told us, “I was not doing that kind of speed” and claimed the web posting was “to get a reaction”. Other people on the site described him as “a fool” and a “kamikaze pilot”.


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sorry for all the speculation , but I didn't know my tricycle would go that fast

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phew...i read the title of this thread and thought a Wackbagger found those photos of me with that Alaskan husky.

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What's up with that guy's facial hair? It looks like the shit inside a corn husk.:yuck2:


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The article failed to mention that, upon arrest, he said "Your mom's box."