A double anal pic like you have never seen


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Son you mess with a bull you get the horns...
Holy shit that second picture makes me cringe.


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Owwwwwww why do I click this shit?


Holy shit!! The first pic I thought, those lucky devils, but the second pic made me ill. I think he might need some stitches. I'm with you Simby, why do I click this shit also.


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OW! Fuck, that's gotta hurt. I got chills looking at that 2nd pic.


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I would gladly take the second pic over the first. Look at the length of the horn on the bull's right side, then compare to the amount you can see on his left side. There is a bunch of horn in that guy. Then look at the shape of the right horn and imagine the same shape on the left horn. It is either coming out of his baggage or running down inside his thigh. I would happily limp for a few weeks over that wound.

Like Bad Santa said, You ain't gonna shit right for a week.


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Darwinism at work, kids. surprisingly enough, the first pic is not as cringe-inducing as the second because you can actually see the horn beneath the guy's leg skin as if it were Silly Putty.
He might need TWO Band-Aids for that one. :icon_eek:

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I didn't realize those pictures just happened yesterday until I just saw it on the news.

It's bad enough to see the horn under the skin like that, but don't forget, the bull isn't going to stop and wait for the EMTs to come by. It's pissed off, and moving a lot.


What's black and white and red all over?
Oooh, time for my oldest joke:

What's the difference between a bull and the Lawrence Welk Orchestra?

The bull has the horns up front and the asshole in the back.


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Yeah, that second pic is nasty.


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I just looked at those pics as though I was watching someone poke a pin in their eyeballs... UGH... and to think I came in here looking for some hot DP pics

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I did always thought Spaniards had a lil knitter in them? Dumb fucks.