A few reminders

A few reminders for new members

You can change your member status by entering the text you want in "User Text" when you edit your profile, No Minimum posts are required.

There are NO newbies here. everyone is Treated equally

Bash someone and your Banned.

You can insert sound in your messages by pressing the sound button in the posting window. (wav or midi only) keep em small so they load faster

Post picturess by clicking the image button in the posting window.... no sig pics, No Porno.. or your banned.

we have Private Messages, hit the PM button on someones post to send them a private message (PM) (Thats what your inbox is for)

Thanks for Joining Wackbag.com


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Way to go Stingray<IMG SRC="http://www.wackbag.com/ubb/smilies/cwm1.gif" border=0>

Im not insane,ask my shrink
I am DIRTY HARRY WEB PROMOTER thats not my real name If I tell ya ill have to kill ya-Have a great day