A friend gave me the ninja..

cooking system as a late xmas gift. So far.. it's a crock pot. Ok, well, has an oven mode too, as well as searing? o_O

Ok, so the oven mode goes down to 250, so might be good for prime rib, but the pot part seems pretty small compared to the other crock pot I have. Will have to play around with this thing before I have an opinion. I suspect I will be losing the little bits/pieces before I have a chance to use them.

Has anyone tried on? I only saw a passing reference to one in the juice thread.


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I thought the ninja was a food processor.
Gonna try this thing with a 5.5# chicken, made a broth of rosemary, garlic, etc and let it marinade overnight. Now it's in steam roast mode at 375f.

Who'd turn away from this kind of excitement?