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When you post a long story. Try to make paragraphs. It's hard to make out the whole story with the words all together in one long paragragh.

Far be it for me to say anything. I am the dumbest fuck when it comes to this posting thing.

It's just alittle trying on the eyes when you have to read all those words and try to understand the meaning of your story or the point your trying to make.

No offense to anyone. Peace and love incorperated. ;) :D

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I just wanted to say once again to all the new members welcome aboard... ;) :)


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OK, heres the deal.....In the proper style of english grammer, you only start a new paragraph when you move on to a different subject, or a seperate thought.
-compliments of my new edumacation


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So don't write like this:

Ok, heres the dealio.....in teh prooper stille of Englesh gramar, youd onle starte an knew pargraph wen u mov onn too an diferant subjict, orr an seprate thout.
-compliments of my new edumacation
No, he';s making fun of me! Yo B, if you don't like my ebonic talk dawg, kiss my ass bro! *lol*


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Its just that when you tell your little stories have a point it makes it so much more interesting for the listeners