A New American Gladiator?

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izzy izkowitz

Chris Hansen is my hero
May 23, 2007
Holy Crap. I am watching the sunday night foozeball game and they are shilling the shit out of the new american gladiator show. I just can't wait. I am sure this is going to be the most awesome show in the history of awesome shows that have ever been awesome. I mean how the fuck could it be anything but television gold when Hulk Hogan himself is hosting the show? this is what tivo was invented for. I hope it will be in high def. that will make it just that much more superdeeduper.
Feb 5, 2003
With a stranger
I'm thinking that Sam or E-Rock might have to recap this show on the air so that we can all understand the beauty that is Hulk Hogan hosting anything.
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