A New Fan Page!


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Hey Guys I did a fan page for Norton since his .com site is taking for ever
I promised him a while ago i would do one and I did.If you can check it out and sign the guest book that would be totaly cool..

Nice! Jim Norton's fan Page
Thanx and enjoy :)
Very nice, your Fofo-ness. Can you teach me HTML? LOL.
You must have worked hard on this.

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Thanx SCB
You Know what the page still does not look good to me...It is takin me 2 weeks to make it look the way it is now...God I become such a perfectionist when it comes to fan pages for my friends.Shit like that drives me nuts,Even though they like it. the shit still does not look good to me in my eyes...
But I do thank you so much for signin the guest book babes..thanx for the compliment for the page also...Hugs :D

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