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I need to vent out on something so I will send the biggest F U to this bitch...

Last week I sent in my resume to this place that takes care of kids with emotional problems..well on Monday this lady calls me..
I return her phone call back..she calls me at 3pm on monday and says to come in on tuesday morning at 9:30am...I said ok...

Now get this fucking shit this cunt whore calls me back 2 fucking mins later to tell me that she has enough people at the place..

1.it's bullshit cause my best friend works there and she said that they need people badly there.

I am still pissed off about this shit cause how could someone fucking say come in for a interveiw and then they call back 2 2 mins later unfucking fair this shit is..
that lady is a cunt whore and she can die for this. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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I am sorry that you did not get the job fofo and that she acted like a priss, but were you qualified enough to get it?


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Ya I was SOS I worked in day cares for most of my jobs
and I did well on it..
that cunt
Sorry FOFO,
2 minutes later? She must be trying to keep costs down, and thought better of the offer. F her you'll find something better.


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Her loss. You don't want to work for a bitch like that anyway. "Yes I need you no I dont yes I do" HOLD IT, STOP. skitzoid bitch from hell :eek:


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I am sure you can find another job.


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I am so hoping i get a call soon from one of these places..I sent my resume to so many jobs around my town so i am not far from my kid.
it just sux big time it truly does..I hate to depend on people...
not to mention i need to work so i am away from my mom she has been driving me out of my mind i want to jump out the window.



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i you would like a job you can always join me field of work :D :D :D :D